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Family Relationships – The Key to Strong Bonds in the Family

The family as a social unit has undoubtedly been on the decline in the past few decades. The increasing number of single parent households, increased divorce rates, and the growing gap between generations has led the family to move to the periphery of an individual’s social life, rather than its center. Truth is, today, you will have to actually work together and work quite hard to build strong, healthy family relationships.

Like any other relationship, families are built on trust. Children, teenagers and adolescents will often hide things from their parents for fear of punishment. This behavior, if encouraged, will eventually lead to their estrangement and lack of trust. It is the responsibility of the parents, therefore, to create an air of openness in the family. Kids in the family should never feel scared of sharing things with parents. As a parent, you will have to punish kids for straying out of line, but take care to not do so in a fashion that would make your kids not trust you with their secrets again.

Trust is directly tied to sharing – the crucial part of family relationships that just seems to be missing these days. All members are usually involved in their own lives, zoned out before TV or computer screens, or in their own social lives. There is too little of ‘family time’ and too much of ‘me time’. Group activities such as dinner, a movie night, a family vacation, therefore, have to be promoted to encourage sharing.

Respect (or the lack of it) is another reason why family relationsips sometimes go sour. You should draw a firm line beyond which your kids shouldn’t go, and you should draw this line as early as possible. While a family should be open, there must be some sense of hierarchy too. Teach your kids to respect their elders, no matter their flaws, and teach the elders to love the kids likewise. A family built on trust, love, and respect will always maintain strong bonds.

Finally, parents must try and foster strong relations between siblings. Too often, siblings don’t get along with each other, largely due to the parents lack of intervention. Elder siblings must be taught to care for and love their younger brothers/sisters, and the younger siblings must be given a lesson in respecting their elder brothers/sisters. Only when the siblings get along will you build a strong family.

Competitive Relationships in Ecosystems

Competition occurs in virtually every ecosystem in nature. This type of relationship develops when more than one organism in an environment requires the same thing in order to survive. When food and shelter are plentiful, there is no competition–it only takes place when there is not enough to go around. Competition often results in the survival of the fittest.

Wolf packs engage in intraspecific competition for mates and food.
ntraspecificCompetition often occurs between members of the same species. This is known as intraspecific competition. It is a common type of competition because animals of the same species often live in great numbers in a particular area. These individuals compete for limited resources like food, shelter and mates.

This type of competition acts to keep the population under control. If there is a limited amount of food to go around, the environment can only feed so many individuals of the same species. This results in the survival of those most capable of competing and winning. Similar regulation occurs when individuals compete over shelter, especially dens necessary for raising young. In some cases (e.g., in the case of young male lions), animals that lose this type of competition are driven from the group and from the area.

The competition between male lions for female attention is known as intraspecific competition.

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InterspecificInterspecific competition occurs when members of more than one species compete for the same resource. For example, woodpeckers and squirrels compete for nesting rights in the same holes and spaces in trees, while the lions and cheetahs of the African savanna compete for the same antelope and gazelle prey.

Even though individual animals are competing for the same shelter or food, interspecific competition is usually less critical than intraspecific competition. For example, the antelope is not the lion’s only prey. Because of this, the lion can choose whether to compete for antelope or to look elsewhere. Animals of different species typically compete with each other only for food, water and shelter. However, they may compete with members of their own species for mates and territory as well.

Many types of predators may compete over the meal a rabbit provides.

Traditions of Mexican Dating Relationships

In Mexico, many traditions guide dating relationships. While the younger people in large cities may be influenced by the United States, people in more rural areas may hold on to traditions, especially those governed by Catholic values and customs of the traditional Mexican families.

A Mexican couple enjoy a sunny day outdoors together.
The First StepAs customary in Mexico, all male/female relationships start with the man pursuing. A woman traditionally waits for the man to pursue her, whether for a dance at a party or club or to go on a date. While young people in larger cities may adopt more modern habits, people in more rural and conservative provinces adhere to this practice.

A young couple dance together at a party.

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Romantic Traditions of Men in MexicoChivalry is still customary in Mexico. Men customarily are polite, opening door for women and pulling out chairs. Men are expected to be romantic and well-mannered.

A man takes a woman's hand who is sitting down.

Five Types of Ecological Relationships

Every ecosystem consists of a large set of relationships. Some relationships are easier to determine than others, and some effects are evident whereas others are unseen. Although most ecological relationships occur when there is some sort of interaction between two species, there are some instances in which a relationship is built on nothing at all except being in the same area.

A single animal can be part of several different relationships.
MutualismMutualism is an ecological relationship that occurs between two species that both benefit from the partnership. The things gained by each party are usually different. These partnerships can be based around food, such as cases in which one species gains a meal and the other gains a health boost. Wild birds in grasslands often follow herds of hoofed animals such as zebras and antelope, then feed off the pests carried in their fur. The birds get a meal, and the larger animals get protection from mites and fleas. In other cases there may be a reproductive element involved as in the partnership wherein bees spread pollen.

Bees get a meal, and flowers have a vehicle to spread pollen.
Predator and PreyThe relationship between a predator and its prey is perhaps one of the most evident and clearly visible in the natural world. Predators can be at the top of the food chain or in the middle, and not all predators are animals or feed on other animals; the relationship simply means that one life form consumes another.

Traditional examples of a predator and prey relationship include a fox and a rabbit or an owl and a mouse. This type of ecological relationship can also be applied to situations wherein the deer is the predator and the grass is the prey or the pitcher plant is the predator and the fly is the prey.

The tiger is an apex predator, meaning nothing consumes it as prey.

Psychology of Men and Relationships

Relationships can be complicated. This is because men and women often have have a difficult time understanding each other. However, the key to a successful relationship is to continually work at it. There are several issues that men may come across when dealing with relationships. Although men are often more inclined to ignore issues that arise in their relationships, it is important for men to make an effort to deal with them.

CommittmentWhen it comes to relationships, one of the biggest problems for some men is entering into one. When dating a woman who begins to display signs that she wants a commitment, some men get nervous and want to leave. Men often view being in a committed relationships as a threat to their freedom. Age may also play a role in commitment issues with men. Younger men who are not yet ready to settle down are generally more wary of entering into a committed relationship, whereas older men who have more dating experience may be more willing to settle down and commit to one person.

Committment Images

Physical IntimacyFor men, physical intimacy is one of the most important elements in a relationship. In contrast to women who are more verbal by nature, men tend to be more physical beings. They are more inclined to express their feelings about their partner in a relationship through intimate physical contact rather than through words. Disagreements over physical intimacy is a common problem for men in relationships. These problems may develop when a woman feels that the man is overly concerned with physical intimacy or when a man feels deprived of physical intimacy. Therefore, it is very important for couples to address any problems that they have with physical intimacy.

Physical Intimacy

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Emotional IntimacyIt is stereotypically assumed that men are supposed to be strong and should not show their emotions. In a relationship, however, it is not always healthy for a man to conceal his feelings. It is natural for the stresses of everyday life to make men feel angry, frustrated or melancholy at times, but remaining emotionally disconnected and trying to be tough on the outside may cause some men to eventually take their frustrations out in inappropriate ways. Although it can be difficult for some men to open up to women, emotional intimacy is very important in a relationship.

Emotional Intimacy

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ResponsibilityResponsibility will often become an issue for men at some point in their relationship. Men who enjoyed the freedom of being single may have a difficult time getting used to the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship. A man who was accustomed to going and coming as he pleased may become irritated at having to check in with his girlfriend. Responsibility can be an even bigger issue for couples who live together. Men who previously lived alone and moved in with a girlfriend may struggle with remembering to doing household chores. When a man begins to feel weighed down by responsibility, conflict may develop in the relationship. Most men however, can handle responsibility as long as they receive an occasional break. That is why in a relationship, it is important for men to spend time with their friends so that they can relax and unwind.


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Relationship TypeWhile some men tend to run from relationships, there are many men who consider themselves to be “the relationship type.” These men are not interested in playing the field but are more comfortable being in fulfilling, long-term relationships. Men who are “the relationship type” are not scared away by the thought of commitment, responsibility or emotional intimacy. They are looking for a woman who is attractive, independent, fun, and has a good sense of humor. However, these men often feel that a good woman is hard to find in the same way that women feel that a good man is hard to find.

Relationship Type

10 Ways to Save When Your Teen Starts Driving

 We hit a milestone in my house this year. My oldest child turned 16 and, in theory, can get behind the wheel of a car and start driving solo.I’m not sure I’m ready for that and, fortunately, she’s not either, so she still has her learner’s permit. However, I’ve been searching high and low for ways to keep my auto insurance rates reasonable once she joins the ranks of independent drivers. Here are 10 tips I’ve picked up along the way:1. Invest in a Good Driver’s Training ProgramAccording to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teen drivers are risky drivers. It could be reckless behavior or it could be inexperience, but the fatal crash rate per mile for 16-19-year-olds is three times that of drivers age 20 and older. That means insurance companies are automatically going to see your teen as a claims risk and raise your rates. If your child starts racking up tickets or gets in a fender bender or two, watch your rates head to the stratosphere.

You may be able to keep your premiums lower by helping your teen avoid risky behavior behind the wheel, and that means getting them into the best driver’s education program possible. I selected my daughter’s school here in Michigan, in part, because it was able to demonstrate statistically that its graduates ended up in accidents at a rate far below the statewide average for all teen drivers.

2. Embrace Your State’s Graduated driver Licensing Program

All 50 states have enacted graduated driver licensing programs that gradually ease teens into independent driving. Typically, the programs require 30-50 hours of supervised drive time before a restricted license is issued, until a teen’s 18th birthday. The IIHS says graduated licensing programs are associated with fewer teen fatalities and fewer insurance claims. But the programs can work only if you enforce them at home. Don’t fudge numbers on the drive-time log, and don’t turn a blind eye when your teen blatantly violates the restrictions on their license.

Sure, it can be a pain to spend 50 white-knuckled hours in the car with your teen while they are learning, but hopefully your reward will be lower insurance premiums and a child who makes it to adulthood.

3. Avoid Letting Your Teen Have Their Car …

It can be tempting to buy your teen a vehicle. Then they won’t be constantly borrowing yours and potentially making a mess of it. I advise you resist the temptation for these reasons:

  • Having them drive your car would make them a secondary driver rather than a primary one, a designation that could keep your premiums lower.
  • Having them share the family vehicle may limit their drive time, which could be a good thing for young drivers who are prone to getting in accidents.
  • Buying another car means you’ll be paying insurance on another car. Need I say more?

4. … Or Make Sure Theirs Is Cheap(er) to Insure

But maybe you’re in a situation in which you really need your teen to have a separate vehicle. I can imagine this would be especially true if your household only has one vehicle currently. In that case, be smart about the type of car you get your teen. Some vehicles are safer and, in turn, cheaper to insure. The IIHS has recommendations as to what it considers the best cars for teens.

5. Add Your Teen to Your Policy

Assuming you will be paying the premiums, it is almost always the better deal to add your teen to your policy rather than purchase a separate one. The insurance company takes into account the driving record of each person listed on a policy. Your good driving should partially offset your teen’s potentially risky driving. Plus, your account may come with discounts not available on a teen’s policy.

6. Look for Teen Driver Discounts

When you add your teen, ask the insurance company about discounts for new drivers. Students with good grades may be eligible for discounts; those who take an approved safety course may also be eligible. If your teen goes away for school and doesn’t take the car, you may be able to get a discount for that, too.

7. Let the Insurance Company Spy on Your Teen

Usage-based insurance is one of the latest fads in the world of automobile insurance. Auto insurance companies send you a device that you plug into a port under your dashboard. It records how fast you drive, how fast you accelerate and how fast you brake, among other things. Then, if the auto insurance gods say you’ve been a good driver, you’re rewarded with a discount on your premium.

These discounts are available to all drivers, but parents might find they are useful for monitoring their teens. Some companies issue reports grading driving skills, and some teens might be inclined to lay off their lead foot if they know someone, somewhere is watching. If you like the idea of monitoring your teen but aren’t thrilled with the idea of letting an insurer inside your dashboard, you could alsotry spying yourself.

8. Consider a Higher Deductible or Lower Coverage

One surefire way to reduce your premiums is to raise your deductible. Just make sure you have enough in the bank to cover it if needed. Similarly, you could see how much it saves to drop collision or comprehensive coverage. However, do the math before making any rash decisions. Unless you can afford a new car, dropping comprehensive coverage could mean you’ll be without a set of wheels if your vehicle gets totaled.

9. Shop Around for Better Rates

I was shocked to find out the insurance company, to which I had been so faithful for 17 years, was charging me double what other insurers were quoting. Perhaps it’s different for other companies, but my experience was that loyalty doesn’t necessarily pay off in terms of cheaper premiums.

Before you blindly add your teen to your existing policy, shop around for better rates. Underwriting policies vary by company, and some may have better pricing for young drivers. In addition, teen discount programs can differ between insurers.

10. Consolidate Your Coverage With One Insurer

Finally, when you find the right car insurance company, consider moving all your policies to that provider. Virtually all insurance companies offer multipolicy discounts, and the more you insure, the greater your discount may be.

How to Fix “Aw, Snap!” on Google Chrome

Encountering the Google Chrome "Aw, Snap" error is annoying, but can be fixed.
Google Chrome displays an “Aw, Snap!” message if something goes wrong while a Web page is loading and it is unable to display the contents. Typically, this problem can be resolved by refreshing the page, but if it occurs consistently, the problem might be elsewhere. The problem might be malware, a faulty browser extension, anti-virus conflict or a user profile issue. A lack of available system resources available to the browser can also cause this problem.


  1. Press “F5” on your keyboard or click the “Refresh” button as the error message suggests. Alternatively, press “Ctrl-F5” to perform a hard refresh, which bypasses the local cache of the Web page that you want to load.
  2. Run a malware scan to check whether or not your system has been compromised, if the problem persists even after refreshing. Malware infections can sometimes lead to problems with your browser.
  3. Disable your anti-virus or firewall applications temporarily and then access the Web page again. If this solves the problem, you need to create an exception for Google Chrome using the settings of your anti-virus or firewall application. Consult the documentation for the software you are using for information on how to add exceptions.
  4. Press “Ctrl-Shift-N” to open Chrome in a new incognito window which disables all extensions. If this solves the problem, it means one of your Chrome extensions is causing the issue and should be removed or updated. Disable all of the extensions and enable them one by one to use the process of elimination, in order to track down which extension is the culprit.
  5. Exit Chrome and open Windows Explorer if the problem is still not resolved. Type ” %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\” (without the quotation marks) in the address bar and press “Enter.” Rename the “default” folder in the directory that opens and then restart Chrome to create a new user profile. If the old profile has been corrupted, this will solve the problem.
  6. Close down any unneeded programs, such as games, software and applications that could be taking up system resources. If not enough memory is available to your browser it could lead to the “Aw, Snap” error message.

10 jobs that can make getting life insurance tough

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be fishermen, pilots or roofers — at least if you want them to find reasonably priced life insurance.

Some professionals, such as bomb disposal experts, should expect that their job is going to make it difficult to buy life insurance. (It’s just one of the hazards of having a job with a deadly weapon in its name.) But other workers may have no idea that their profession is deemed high-risk by insurance companies.

“The truth is consumers don’t think they are in high-risk professions,” says Mike Kilbourn, president of Kilbourn Associates in Naples, Florida. “A roofer doesn’t think he will pay more because he stands on a roof all day. And he might not find out until the application is submitted to the insurance company.”

How life insurance companies size you up

Life insurance rates are generally based on the policyholder’s life expectancy. Insurers will examine numerous variables to predict your lifespan, including your age, gender, nicotine use, alcohol use and health history – plus extra risk factors such as your occupation and hobbies.

Insurers often offer people in risky occupations “rated” policies – if they offer them policies at all. Compared to policies for people in “ordinary” careers, rated policies will cost policyholders extra money in premiums every month.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all insurers take the same view on dangerous professions.

“Not all companies rate a particular risky profession the same, and thus the premiums for the same coverage can vary significantly between companies,” Kilbourn says. “So, a person who applies for life insurance may be approved at a ‘standard’ rating by one insurance carrier, yet be rated as a ‘substandard’ by another – even with the very same information on their insurance application.”

This is good news for those who have been denied policies by one or more companies because of their risky job. It means they may still be able to find an affordable policy, provided they’re willing to shop for thebest life insurance company for their needs.

Unsure whether you’re in a risky line of work? These occupations have the 10 highest fatal work injury rates, according to a 2014 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re employed in one of them, don’t be surprised if your insurance agent raises an eyebrow when you submit your application.

1. Logger

Falling trees, gusting winds, buzzing chainsaws, unpredictable terrain and dangerous wildlife are just some of the factors that make logging a calamitous profession. Its fatality rate is 91.3 deaths per 100,000 workers. (For reference, the national average fatality rate for U.S workers is 3.2 deaths per 100,000 workers.)

2. Commercial fisher

Harsh weather, heavy equipment, unrelenting sun exposure and sleep deprivation are among the risks taken by commercial fishers. Their fatality rate stands at 75 deaths per 100,000 workers.

3. Aircraft pilot/flight engineer

High stress and long hours take their toll on commercial airline pilots, search and rescue pilots, and flight engineers. Test pilots court risk while pushing equipment to the brink, while crop dusters are exposed to a host of chemicals as they fly low near power lines and other hazards. The death rate of pilots and flight engineers is 50.6 deaths per 100,000 workers.

4. Roofer

Some roofers might be surprised to learn that their profession’s fatality rate of 38.7 deaths per 100,000 workers gives it the fourth-highest rate of fatal injuries. But it’s hard to get around the inherent dangers that come with working on an elevated surface virtually every day.

5. Farmer

Farmer and ranchers face many of the same hazards as loggers, but with an extra peril: tractors. The leading cause of death for farmers and ranchers involved overturned tractors, according to the CDC. The rate of death among farmers is 21.8 per 100,000 workers.

6. Miner

There are so many mining disasters that the Mine Safety and Health Administration breaks down the tragedies by specific variables. But rampant news coverage of mining disasters may be increasing safety awareness in this industry. Although fatality rates naturally vary by year, after the CDC reported 70 fatalities in 2010, that number dipped to 35 in 2012 and the BLS report, which looked at data from 2013, found a fatality rate of 26.9 per 100,000 workers for mining machine operators.

7. Refuse and recyclable collector

You may tip your garbage collector every Christmas, but it’s possible he deserves more for the risks he takes. Working with heavy, potentially hazardous equipment, jumping on and off moving vehicles and exposure to chemicals brings this job’s fatality rate to 33 deaths per 100,000 workers.

8. Truck driver (and others who drive for work)

The sprains, strains and exhaustion of truckers are just part of this story. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration reports that more of these workers are killed or injured on the job than any other occupation in the U.S., due in part to the heavy equipment, chemicals and on-the-road perils involved in this work. The occupation ranks seventh on the BLS list – at 22 fatalities for every 100,000 workers – with truckers and those that drive as part of sales jobs combined.

9. Electric power line installer/repairer

Working with high voltage while high in the air is dangerous enough on clear, sunny days. But many of these workers install and repair the lines at night and in nasty weather, bringing this occupation’s fatality rate to 21.5 deaths per 100,000 workers.

10. Construction laborer

Collapsing scaffolds, falls and electrical shocks are some of the fatal hazards cited by OSHA that bring the death rate of construction workers to 17.7 deaths per 100,000 workers. The BLS found that half of all contract workers who were fatally injured in 2013 were working in construction.

How to get life insurance with a dangerous job

Workers in dangerous professions are often still able to get life insurance, though they may not like the cost of it.

But as with people in nonrisky professions, the best way for high-risk workers to find the most affordable life insurance quotes is to be diligent and shop several different companies.

Steven Schwartz, vice president and practice leader of the Executive Benefits division at HUB International in Northeast, New York, notes a particular client who was quoted a $5,100 annual premium by one company before turning to Schwartz, who secured him a $1,700 annual premium from a different company. That’s a savings of $3,400 a year (or nearly $70,000 over the life of a 20-year term life policy).

Krystalynn M. Schlegel of M.G. Schlegel & Associates, Inc., an estate and business planning brokerage in Novato, California, agrees that matching a client with their ideal insurance company is crucial.

“Oftentimes, if I have a client with a high-risk profession I will write a cover letter to the insurer explaining the specifics, supplying credit reports, driving records and personal details such as if they go to church, if they have kids,” she says. “That helps (the underwriters) understand them better.

And don’t forget: If you’re in a high-risk job when you obtain your life insurance policy, but change to a safer profession later on, you can petition your insurance company to reconsider your premium.

How to Add Gadgets to My Web Page

Adding gadgets to your web page can make for a better user experience.

If you own a website, you can improve it by adding interactive components. Maybe you already offer polls or quizzes, or Flash video or the ability for users to log in and manage their own user page. You might offer games. You might offer forums where people can sign in and take part in your online community. Interactive components like these have been around for years, but you can add new means of interactivity and fun to your site with Google “gadgets.” They consist of bits of code that can turn your website into a truly unique, fun piece of online real estate.


  1. Visit the home page for Google gadgets (find the link under Resources) and peruse the many gadgets, which include games, weather trackers, news aggregators, and radio stations.
  2. When you find a gadget you want, click on the “Add to my web page” button beneath the gadget’s sample image.
  3. Adjust the settings in the “preview” pane. The Preview pane will include the different settings for a given gadget. Often you can change colors and add borders so the gadget will match your site settings.
  4. Set the size of the gadget so it fits your web page. If your web page measures 400 pixels wide by 600 pixels in height, you’ll want a gadget that fits within that page without crowding it. In the left side of the Preview pane, you can set the height to something like 300 pixels and the width to 200 pixels. The gadget will automatically be set to that size, and you can adjust the settings until the height and width fits your site perfectly.
  5. Click “Get the code.” The HTML code powers the gadget on your website. Look for the button beneath the settings panel.
  6. Copy the code by first double-clicking it. Once you select the code, right-click it, and select “Copy” from the window.
  7. Paste the code onto your website. You will need to open your HTML web page using a text editor or freeware HTML editor. Paste the copied code in the HTML page where you want the gadget to appear.
  8. You will then need to use a file transfer protocol (FTP) program to log onto your server and upload your new web page with the gadget. Enter your website name, your server user name and your password into the FTP program. Once the FTP program connects to your server, upload the file into the public directory, so people can view the page and enjoy the gadget.

Insurance Rules for Multiple Drivers in the Same House
Insurance contracts can be difficult to understand, particularly when multiple drivers are involved. These agreements can become more complicated when the additional drivers are people who live in the home. Many insurance companies follow a series of widely-accepted rules when deciding how to cover multiple drivers who live in the same house.

Restricted Policies vs. Broad Coverage

  • Restricted auto insurance policies only provide coverage when the vehicle is being driven by a party whose name appears on the policy. Broad coverage is more lenient, and will often offer coverage to the driver, his or her spouse and children, and any family members related by blood. Broad coverage may also extend to friends who operate the vehicle with the permission of the insured. Consult your policy jacket, which is the document accompanying your insurance policy that explains what is and isn’t covered. You should also review your policy declarations, which are the forms issued at each renewal that show the names of the covered drivers on your policy and the vehicles covered. You are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance company for details about who’s covered by your insurance policy as this will vary from company to company and from state to state.

Multiple Vehicles with Multiple Drivers

  • Insurance companies commonly issue multi-vehicle policies that provide equal driving privileges for all of the drivers named on the policy. This means that a mother, father and teenage child would all be authorized to operate one another’s vehicles without restriction. Drivers should keep in mind that the coverage follows the vehicle, not the driver. This means that if a father’s Chevrolet has full coverage and his daughter’s Ford is covered with liability only, the father will only have liability while driving his daughter’s vehicle. (Liability coverage pays for the property damages and bodily injury incurred by others when you’re at fault in a covered accident. Full coverage pays for your vehicle and the vehicle owned by the other driver when a covered accident occurs.)It is becoming increasingly uncommon for insurance companies to assign drivers to specific household vehicles, as they have found that this makes it very difficult to settle claims. By assigning vehicles, insurance companies acknowledge that they restrict the family’s options when emergencies arise.

Children Who Aren’t on the Policy

  • It is important to remember that insurance rates are based on “risk,” or the likelihood that an accident involving someone on your policy will occur. That is why rates increase when teenage drivers are added to insurance policies. However, many companies extend coverage to the children of covered drivers whether they are on the policy or not. This is done in order to comply with industry-wide standards that typically provide coverage to a policy holder’s children.Despite their standard practice of covering teen drivers who aren’t on the policy, most insurance companies still request that parents add their teen drivers to their insurance policies to ensure that they are collecting adequate premium for each driver. These companies may also reserve the right to deny claims if they believe a parent has concealed information about a teen driver in the household. To be sure that your teen driver’s claims will be covered, add them to your policy as soon as they are eligible to drive.

Spouses & Adult Family Members Who Aren’t on the Policy

  • Many insurance companies use broad language in their insuring agreements stating that a covered driver, or the “insured,” under the policy includes drivers named on the policy and any family members related by blood. This could extend to your spouse or adult family members who live in the home. For this reason, your insurance agent may tell you that it is okay to lend your vehicle to adult family members who live in the home, even if they aren’t named on the policy. If an accident occurs while your spouse or family member is driving, your insurance company is likely to pay for damages unless a claims investigation reveals an extenuating circumstance. (Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, vehicle operation during the commission of a crime.)

Friends Who Aren’t on the Policy

  • Broad coverage offers coverage to friends who aren’t on the insurance policy as long as someone who is insured on the policy has granted them permission to drive. Restricted coverage would not provide coverage to a friend who borrows your vehicle, even if you give him permission to drive. If your friend has his own insurance policy, his coverage is likely to pay for any accidents that may occur while he is driving your vehicle.

Ten Gadgets That’ll Make Unexpected, Unique, and Exciting Holiday Gifts


The hardest part of the holiday shopping is finding something that stands out from the crowd. It’s tricky to surprise anyone on Christmas day, for example, when you’ve wrapped an iPad, a 32GB flash drive, a gaming mouse, or a Kindle. Everyone knows about that stuff. That’s why I combed the bleeding edge of tech for these 10 cool but less well known products.

Cobra DriveHD. There’s a good chance that you only know two or three facts about Russia, and thanks to YouTube one of those facts is that everyone drives with a dash cam in their car there. Well, you can bring a little Russia to a loved one this year by giving the gift of a DriveHD dash cam. Cobra offers several DriveHD models, but I am partial to the CDR 840, which has built-in GPS that prints the exact coordinates of each leg of your trip right on the video. The DriveHD comes with an 8GB card that’s good for about 2 hours of video, continuously over-written so you always have a record of the last few hours of your travels. The video is sharp, high definition, with a wide viewing angle. And it can be yours for the giving for about $150.


 Ozobot. This programmable robot is so adorable, and so cleverly conceived, it’s impossible not to love it. So what is Ozobot? Imagine a tiny bot that is designed to follow lines drawn on paper or on a computer screen (like an iPad). Different line patterns changes the Ozobot’s behavior — add a blue, red, and blue dash within a line, for example, makes the bot turn around and go back the way it came. That means Ozobot is fun and easy for kids to experiment with, and you can use Ozobot in free play or to race and solve puzzles (some of which are kindly provided in the free iPad accessory app). Really, it’s hard to overemphasize how great Ozobot is as a high-tech toy that doubles as a teaching tool. You can buy bots for $50 each or get a two-pack for $100. ozobot

Plantronics Rig. Most folks think that headphones are the best for immersive activities like gaming and music. The only problem? Most wrap-around headphones are designed to engulf you in sound and mask real-world audio. The Plantronics Rig is a gaming headphone that includes a second audio input which you can dial into the primary audio, hearing as much or as little of that source as you like. Imagine, for example, being able to play a game while listening to a baby monitor in the background. $99.


S+. Fitness bands that offer sleep tracking are all the rage these days, but S+, which is short for “Sleep Plus,” is novel in that it isn’t worn at all; it’s a small device that sits on your bed stand and works in conjunction with your iPhone to help you track your sleep and learn how to improve.  S+ is really effective – it uses sensors to measure your respiration and restlessness from a distance, and in the morning it makes genuinely useful recommendations. For example, it can tell if you’re waking in the middle of the night because of nearby noises, or if light coming in the window is disturbing sleep in the morning. S+ can also help lull you to sleep with soothing sounds and coach you to better sleep. Anyone trying to sleep better or improve their health will appreciate the $150 S+.


SnapScan iX100. There was a time when everyone needed a scanner. All the time. And the scanners we had to choose from were clumsy, hard to set up, and expensive. At least these days, as our reliance on scanners has gone down, they’ve gotten far easier to work with as well. If you know someone who still needs to scan documents or photos, give them the SnapScan iX100. It’s a small, lightweight mobile scanner that fits in a briefcase or backpack, is completely wireless, and connects to any device – PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet – using the local Wi-Fi network. No Wi-Fi? The scanner creates its own ad-hoc network so you can connect directly. Scans are fast and high quality, and you can give the gift of easy mobile scanning for $229.


Logitech Type +. Everyone knows someone who swears by his or her iPad, but complains it’s too hard to enter a lot of text using the on-screen keyboard. For that individual, I offer you Logitech’s Type+, one of the coolest iPad keyboards money can buy. It’s a thin-but-rugged case with a magnetic strip built in. When you unfold the case, the iPad snaps into position like a laptop screen, with the integrated keyboard laid out on the table in front of you. The Bluetooth keyboard springs to life when the iPad touches the magnet, so there’s nothing to remember to turn on or off. It’s available in several colors and sells for $99.


Chamberlain MyQ Garage. I hear what your dad is saying: He can already control his alarm system, thermostat, and front door using his iPhone. If only there was some way to open and close the garage door from his phone as well. Actually, there is. The Chamberlain MyQ Garage is a gadget you attach to the ceiling of your garage and plug it into your garage door opener. It connects with your home’s Wi-Fi and lets you operate your garage door from a simple iPhone app from literally anywhere you have Internet access. As long as your Wi-Fi works in your garage, MyQ should work fine, and of course your original garage door openers continue to work as well. Now you can check your phone at work or while on vacation in another state to see if someone forgot to close the garage door, and you can open the door to let someone in. Just $129 to automate dad’s garage.

MyQ Garage App in Hand

Equil Smartpen 2. Despite the presence of Evernote and all sorts of other text tools, writing things by hand still feels the most natural – and has been proven to cause the best retention. That’s where the Equil Smartpen 2 comes in; it’s a pen that you can use to write with real ink on ordinary paper. But working with a clip that you clamp to the top of the page, the pen captures what you write in digital form, and sends the converted text to your PC, phone or tablet.  It’s easy to use and very portable – great for both students and working professionals. $170.


TYLT Energi+ Backpack. I love the Energi+, a high tech backpack with oodles of zippered pockets and compartments, along with a massive Lithium Ion battery that can top off a tablet like the iPad or charge your smartphone about 4 times. The backpack has passthroughs for charging cables that run throughout the bag, so you can configure it to your liking. It has slots for a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, along with a general purpose section for whatever you like. It’s available for $200.


TIVO Mega. Last, but not least: TIVO claims that it’s so big, it’s almost inappropriate. While I am not entirely sure what that means, this much is true: The TIVO Mega DVR was engineered to appeal to the biggest TV and movie fanatics out there. The machine’s 24TB hard drive can store 26,000 hours of video (that’s standard video – or 4,000 hours of HD video), and its 6 tuners can record 6 shows at once. If you have $5000 to spend on your favorite couch potato, they will love you forever. On the other hand, I’m not sure that TIVO even expects anyone to really buy this monstrosity. It exists more for corporate bragging rights than anything else. That said, if you are wealthy and want to buy this for me, I will gladly accept it.

TiVo Mega

How to Avoid Vacant Home Insurance
Vacant homes pose a higher risk to an insurance carrier, which often means a large ding in the pocketbook to the policyholder. Homes without occupants or furniture can be prime targets for vandalism, theft and other perils when left unmonitored. While it is never a wise idea to hide vacant home status from an insurance carrier, options to minimize cost and risk are available for such homes.


  1. Insure the house as a second home. Keep furniture in the home and visit regularly, even if only as a vacation home. Install an alarm system for fire, smoke and break-ins. Winterize the home to protect it from burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures.
  2. Rent the home out. Purchase a landlord policy, which is more expensive than regular homeowner’s insurance but less costly than vacant home insurance. Up the liability limits for improved asset protection, as renters are sometimes less likely to care for the home as well as a homeowner.
  3. Install a caretaker in the home. Giving someone free accommodations in return for maintenance is less costly than purchasing a vacant home policy. Plus the home is less likely to suffer from vandalism or perils such as water leakage or burst pipes.
  4. Purchase a vacant home exclusion on your regular homeowner’s policy. Not all insurance carriers offer this, but it is often one way to maintain vandalism coverage on the home without the threat of cancellation.
  5. Sell the home, if feasible, within the 30- to 60-day vacancy period allowable on most regular homeowner policies. Check your policy particulars to see how long your home can be vacant before you have to purchase a vacant-home policy.

How to Think Up a Great Domain Name for your Website

Domain names that closely match your site's content help add trust and professionalism.

A website’s domain name essentially represents its overall purpose and the content it delivers. Whether you base your site on educational content, current events or entertainment, coming up with a reliable name is crucial for its image. Thus, you must consider one or multiple variables that can ultimately help you register the most appropriate domain name for your content.


  1. Register a domain name that summarizes your content concisely, as fewer words generally help people remember it more effectively.
  2. Take your website’s style or voice into consideration. Many entertainment sources dedicated to random photos, videos and jokes tend to use nonsensical satire in their domain name. Conversely, if your website focuses on a specific niche, consider a name that closely represents your site’s purpose, such as “Affordable Gaming Gadgets.” Analyze the type of message your domain name should essentially send to your followers.
  3. Decide whether your website is solely designed for users or partially for search engines as well. If targeting a particular keyword, for example, many administrators rely on exact-match domains by registering the main keyword as the site’s name. This method helps search engines find or rank your website for a particular phrase, especially if it is not highly competitive.
  4. Take your target audience into account. If you are basing your site on pop culture, for example, include a phrase that is generally considered hip. However, note that many words, particularly slang words, are usually not evergreen, which means they may not be relevant in a few months or years. Register phrases that may be more widely accepted, such as “Cool” or “Paparazzi.”
  5. Target your website’s geographical region. Include towns, cities or any form of identification if targeting specific areas. Likewise, if you focus primarily on any particular language, register a domain name in its native tongue. Such methods help users relate to and connect with the information you provide more effectively.

How to Geocache With a Smartphone

Typical geocache containers will have small treasures to trade and an official log to sign.

Geochaching is treasure hunting by Global Positioning System (GPS), a high-tech game played worldwide. “Caches” are hidden and found by geocachers; some contain treasures and others simply a logbook to sign. With geocaches hidden in space, on mountains and in parks, there are caches to be found by treasure hunters of all abilities—and now anyone with a GPS-enabled smartphone can play.GPS enabled smartphones have made geocaching more convenient by eliminating the need to carry a separate GPS device in addition to a phone or access a computer.


  1. Click into the settings on your smartphone, locate the GPS or location setting and turn on the GPS feature.
  2. Download a geocaching application to your smartphone from your service provider’s application market.There are many different geocaching applications to choose from; read the system requirements and user reviews before downloading an application to your phone.
  3. Open the geocaching application when the download is complete ,and follow the setup instructions. You will be prompted to enter your username and password for your existing geocaching account; if you do not have an account, the instructions will specify where to sign up. The setup is complete once you have logged in.


  1. Open the geocaching application and select “live map” to locate caches in your immediate area. For a list of caches in your surrounding area, click “nearby.”
  2. Select a cache to hunt from the nearby list or from the live map. Then click “cache details” for information on the cache’s type, distance, difficulty, terrain, attributes and coordinates—all important factors to consider when selecting a cache to find.
  3. Click the menu button from the cache details screen and select “Navigate;” here you will be prompted to choose your preferred method of navigation from the standard “compass,” “turn by turn,” “show on map” and “radar” options.
  4. Write down the coordinates of your beginning location from the navigation screen and add them to the cache detail screen under “add waypoint.” Your way point will serve as the return directions to your starting place.
  5. Follow the application navigator to the cache’s hidden location.Click the menu button from the navigation screen to change your method of navigation at anytime.
  6. Log your find by clicking the menu button from the cache details screen and selecting “log visit.” Leave a comment to share your experience, report the condition of the cache and confirm its existence.

How to Sync Your Smartphone and Your PC

As you run around in your busy life, it is impractical to leave your important files and telephone numbers stored separately in your Smartphone and computer. You can use the following steps to sync your Smartphone and your PC if you are using Microsoft Windows XP or earlier versions of the Windows operating systems.


  1. Locate a USB port on your computer. Newer computers often have a couple of these ports somewhere on the front of your machine. If there are no ports in the front, locate a USB port on the back of your computer tower. Avoid using a port on your keyboard as these typically transfer data at a much slower rate.
  2. Connect your Smartphone to your computer. Take the sync cable that came with your Smartphone and plug one end into a USB port on your computer and plug the other end into your Smartphone.
  3. Use the synchronization software on your computer. Smartphones come with a CD that you can use to install a program onto your computer to sync your devices. Double click on the software icon and launch the sync program on your computer.
  4. Click on the Synchronization Wizard to initialize the syncing process. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the Wizard.
  5. Choose the data that you wish to synchronize. Find the files and folders that you would like to synchronize your Smartphone with your computer or vice versa. Select each file using the wizard User Interface by clicking on the file name once.
  6. Click the Finish icon to complete the process. Your Smartphone and personal computer should be in sync if you have completed the process properly.

How to Make Spy Gadgets out of Everyday Items

A drinking glass used as a listening device is a classic spy technique.
Agent 86 of the “Get Smart” TV series had a shoe phone. James Bond had a camera built into a cigarette lighter. The list goes on. But the spy world of today is getting sneakier. You don't have a chief to present you with necessary spy gadgets—you have to do it solo. You can make spy gadgets out of everyday items … and there will be no paper trail of your covert activities. You just have to use your noodle … or your wristwatch … or maybe some duct tape. You get the picture.

Eavesdropping Gadget

  1. Insert a fresh 9-volt battery in a high-quality long-range walkie-talkie set. Test the set to make sure both units are functioning properly. Tear off a small piece of duct tape and tape one unit's talk button down so that it will remain in the “talk” setting. This is the device you will use for step 2.
  2. Hide the rigged walkie-talkie within the room in which you wish to eavesdrop. Ideas could be within jacket pockets, plants or behind books. Be cautious not to set the walkie-talkie beneath a cushion or in a drawer that might muffle voices.
  3. Sit in the vicinity of the rigged walkie-talkie, where you have a clear connection. Hide your walkie-talkie listening unit in your pocket, beneath a hat or in a purse as you listen.
  4. Calculate the amount of time you are eavesdropping and the battery life that is being used on the unit that is sitting in the talk position as you are eavesdropping. When the battery drains, it will emit static and its disguise will be discovered. Be sure to retrieve the unit before the battery is drained.

Gadget Jacket

  1. Cut four small Velcro squares. Sew two squares under the jacket collar on the left and two under the collar on the right side. These should be sewn along the collar line. The Velcro will allow you to choose from a variety of tiny gadgets that can be hidden beneath the collar for spying by using the double-stick tape for easy on-off removal to change gadgets as needed.
  2. Mount a square of Velcro on a mini-light with a light at the end of a flexible antenna. You can easily hide this beneath your collar for a hands-free light when needed.
  3. Glue a small, round magnet onto the side of the flexible light's end. Remove a mirror from a small compact and glue it to the magnet. Mount the mirror on the end of the shaft. This gadget will give you an adjustable rearview mirror for spying.
  4. Mount a mini voice recorder beneath the collar. This gadget will give you the ability to record conversations. You can also place it in a jacket pocket or within the sleeve.

Hidden Camera Gadget

  1. Gently cut the back out of the large box of candy.
  2. Hide the camera inside the large box of candy. Position the camera. Mark the position on the box where the shutter will be. Cut a small hole where the lens is positioned so that it can receive light. Position the camera again inside the box so you can activate the camera's button.
  3. Insert the small candy box beside the camera within the large box. Cut a hole in the end of the large box and the small box so that you can actually pour candy out of the boxes into your hand and eat it now and then. This makes for a clever disguise. You can hold it on your lap and snap photos or hold it to your face and pretend to be reading the ingredients as you take photos.

Other Everyday Gadgets

  1. Remove a battery from an extra flashlight to use as a secret compartment.
    Remove a button from the gadget jacket and replace it with a mini compass. You can sew a button over it to disguise it or a snip of material that you removed from inside of the jacket or sleeve.Remove the bottom of a boot heel to use the hollow inside to hide items such as maps, compasses and more.

How to Make Simple Spy Stuff

A spy needs super-secret equipment and techniques to solve mysteries and discover secrets.

Authentic super-secret spy gear is expensive and hard to come by. However, you can use simple spy secrets to make spy stuff at home. Help your kids compile a spy kit for play, or make one for yourself, as part of a costume. Use the spy gear to solve a secret mystery, or just for fun.

Fingerprint Powder

  1. Put a sprinkle of starch powder onto a porcelain dish.
  2. Hold a second, heat-safe porcelain dish over a candle flame. Allow the soot from the flame to collect on the dish.
  3. Scrape the soot off the dish with a knife and mix it with the starch powder to create fingerprint powder.
  4. Dust the powder over fingerprints to reveal them.
  5. Cover the dusted fingerprint with clear tape and lift it up gently to remove the print.

Book Safe

  1. Find a book with a hard cover that you don’t mind cutting up.
  2. Pick a page near the front of the book, but not directly at the front, to open the book to.
  3. Use an X-acto knife or a box cutter to begin cutting the pages after the page you turned to. Begin on the right-hand page and cut a square out from the interior about 1 inch from each edge of the page.
  4. Continue cutting down through the pages until your hole is deep enough. Do not go all the way through to the end of the book.
  5. Store items in the empty space you cut out.

Invisible Ink

  1. Use a toothpick or the pointy end of a feather as your pen, and lemon juice as your ink.
  2. Write out your message in the lemon juice. When the juice dries, your message will be invisible.
  3. Reveal the message by holding a hair dryer over it or holding the area over a candle flame. Make sure to keep the paper far enough from the flame so it is heated, but not burned.

How to Get GPS Navigation on My Smartphone

Your mobile GPS service is not available where you do not have cell phone coverage.
You can use your smartphone to get GPS navigation complete with satellite tracking to help you on important trips. Mobile GPS is offered by a variety of vendors giving you the option to choose the service with amenities that best suit you. In order to take advantage of GPS services on your smartphone, you must have a data plan with your service provider. Advanced GPS programs are available for a fee, but many free applications also exist.


  1. Browse the main menu on your smartphone for the icon labeled “Applications.” Click this icon.
  2. Type “GPS” into the search bar. A list of GPS applications will appear. Some may require a subscription to the service in addition to a fee to download. However, you can also find a “Maps” application that offers directions as a feature rather than the main function of the program. These applications are typically free and allow you to identify your position on the map using satellite technology.
  3. Click “Download” then “OK” when prompted. Once the application download is complete, the GPS program will be added to the desktop of your smart phone. Set up your GPS by entering your current location and a list of favorites under the “Settings” menu of your new application.

How to Pair Smartphones Using Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth headsets can connect to your smartphone.
Bluetooth technology allows two devices, such as smartphones, computers, MP3 players or headsets, to quickly connect and begin sharing information within a range of about 10 meters. For security reasons, Bluetooth does not automatically connect whenever two Bluetooth devices are in range of each other. The two devices have to go through a connection process called pairing, where the device owners enter a passkey so that both parties agree to the connection.


  1. Turn on Bluetooth technology on both your devices. Devices such as headsets and computers may always have Bluetooth on, but smartphones may have it off to conserve battery life. Turn it on by going into the “Bluetooth” menu, usually located in the “Settings” or “Connections” menus. There will be an option there to turn the technology on.
  2. Place one of the devices into “pairing” or “discoverable” mode. If you are connecting a headset, follow the headset instructions to put it into pairing mode. If you are connecting two smartphones together, you only need to make one of them discoverable. There will be an option in the Bluetooth menu that will allow you to make the device discoverable.
  3. Search for Bluetooth devices on the smartphone that you did not make discoverable. There will be an option in the “Bluetooth” menu to “Scan,” “Search” or “Add.” The smartphone will search for a few seconds and then list all of the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  4. Select the device that you want to connect from the list of nearby Bluetooth devices.
  5. Enter a passcode, or PIN, to complete the connection. If you are connecting to a headset, the passcode should be “0000.” If it is not, you need to check the manual for that specific headset to get the passcode. If you are connecting two smartphones, or a smartphone and a computer, you can enter any passcode that you like, but you have to enter the same code on both devices. Once the passcode has been entered, the devices are paired.

Buy Android TV Box Make your Television Set Entertaining

Does investing on a smart TV seem like an expensive investment? If yes, then android TV box is the solution for you. It is a small device that can give you everything that a smart TV will give you at a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is just plug the device to the HDMI port of your television and instantly get access to the best apps. The installation will just take a few minutes. You do not have to worry about investing on a completely new television set.

This box is surely a great way to upgrade your current TV set. If you want to have an enhanced experience, this is the perfect solution. You will not believe what all you get access to once you will have this box connected. You can get internet access on the box. You can make use of Facebook and other social networking sites on your TV. Using them on such a large screen is something exciting.

YouTube has numerous videos due to which people are glued to it all the time. No doubt you will be using it on your phone or tablet quite often. Now imagine watching these same videos on a large screen on your television. The fun of it is much higher and completely enjoyable. All you have to do is connect a woofer set to your TV and view all your favorite videos by accessing YouTube by connecting the TV box android to your TV.

If you are a gaming person, this is a delight for you. Connecting the box immediately gives you access to a wide range of exciting games which you are glued to all the time. The thrill of playing these games on a huge screen is amazing. You will enjoy racing and action games much more by playing them on the television screen instead of your phone or tablet. The fun is doubled if you have your friends or siblings playing along. You do not have to struggle to see the screen.

You can browse for your favorite movies on the internet through the television and watch them whenever you want. You can sit with the entire family and watch movies on your screen. This is especially a treat if you have a television with a large screen.

I was completely bored of just using my television for viewing what is shown in all the channels. Many times there used to not be anything good to watch on any channel. I used to get extremely bored, especially on weekends as there was no good source of entertainment. This is when I purchased the android box. I was surprised to find it at such an affordable price. I checked with a reputed online wholesaler that offers top quality electronics and just purchased the product. It is proving to be a great device as I have all my entertainment needs taken care of. All I have to do is connect the wires and watch my favorite movies or play the games I want. This is really a great and economical investment.


10 must have Android apps for your Android smartphone

Getting your first Android smartphone is a special event. It opens up a whole new world and you’re officially a part of the largest platform in the history of mobile devices. That said, there are a virtual ton of applications and getting started with them isn’t easy. In this round up, we’ll take a look at ten essential Android apps that all new Android phone owners should have

Android Device Manager

[Price: Free]
First up is Android Device Manager and for good reason. Your just got a new Android device and you should put at least something on it in case it gets stolen. Android Device Manager is developed and maintained by Google and it’s very easy to use. It comes with the basic functions like a phone finding feature and wipe your device if it gets stolen. There are other apps out there with more features but this is the bare minimum that everyone should have in device recovery.

ES File Explorer

[Price: Free]
Most Android devices come with a file manager but they pretty much all pale in comparison to ES File Explorer. This is a full featured file browser that lets you view your SD card, your downloads folder, and the other folders on your device. This is a great way to stay organized or find files you downloaded previously and it’s totally free.


[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Evernote is, feature for feature, the most powerful note taking app on Android. The app is well designed and it also has cross platform support so you can use it on your PC, Mac, or even on an iOS device if you have, say, an iPad. The free version is very solid but if you pick up the paid version there are a lot more features you can take advantage of. There are other, more simple options but this is still great even for jotting down a quick note.

Google Play Music

[Price: Free (All Access is $9.99/month)]
Google Play Music has evolved quite a bit in the last year. You can use this to access the music you keep on your phone or you can upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud and stream them from there for free. If you fork out the $9.99/month, you can also have access to various curated music stations and you’ll have access to pretty much every track on Google Play Music for free. With the upcoming YouTube Music Key integration that takes ads out of music videos on YouTube, this is the music app you should at least try out on Android.

Google Hangouts

[Price: Free]
Google Hangouts has also undergone quite a few changes in the last year. With this app you can message other Hangouts users for free, enable text messaging so you can use this as your text app, and you can even do things like call other Hangouts users for free and video chat with up to 10 people which is also free. Since you already have a Google account, there is no set up required. Just download and go but you may have to talk some of your relatives into using it too.


[Price: Free]
IFTTT stands for If This Then That and it is a really unique and fun Android app. Using this, you can create connections between applications on your Android device. Some popular ideas include saving photos automatically when you view them on Instagram. Or you can have a photo automatically save to Google Drive. The possibilities are virtually limitless and it’ll save you a lot of time!


[Price: Free]
It is inevitable that people eventually start wondering if they can connect their phone and computer in a way that’ll let them check notifications and the like on their PC. Pushbullet allows you to do just that. You can check and even send text messages, see all of your notifications, send files to your phone from your computer and vice versa, and a lot of other stuff to make working with both of your devices easier. It’s also free and that makes it a great deal.

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
SwiftKey underwent a lot of changes this last year and remains among the most popular and best keyboards ever. Its predictive text is very good and it does great work auto correcting once you teach it how you type. There are dozens of themes to choose from that you can purchase through in app purchasing including Material Design and some more colorful and festive themes. It’s a great replacement keyboard with a lot of customization options.


[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Todoist is a to-do list app that helps you keep track of the things you have to do. You can use it to remind yourself to do anything from grocery shopping to picking up the kids from soccer practice and even stuff like work related activities. It works on a Karma system where you earn points for doing tasks and you can do stuff like create repeating tasks and organize them into different categories. It’s a powerful and simple app to help keep you on track.


[Price: Free]
Last and certainly not least is Zedge. With this app you can find a metric ton of ringtones, notification tones, alarm tones, and various wallpapers. The ones that came on your phone are probably pretty good but more is always better. You can find stuff from all kinds of sources like movie quotes, funny stuff, and various sound effects. The wallpapers are updated frequently and feature all sorts of stuff ranging from holiday and seasonal wallpapers to art, landscapes, and space. It’s an app everyone should at least check out.

Top 10 Medical Gadgets

Machines that analyze or come in our aid when we need them, machines that shorten the duration of medical procedures and reduce the risks involved. We call them medical gadgets, but in fact, they are lifesavers. 

AV300 Vein Viewing System

10. AV300 Vein Viewing System

If you’ve ever had blood tests, you know that sometimes it’s really hard finding a vein. But imagine if the doctor wants to scan more of your veins to see clumps or other problems? That could be really difficult to do. But with the lightweight AV300 Vein Viewer, it could become just a walk in the park. You could carry this gadget anywhere with you thanks to its light weight, no need for a charging cord and its low profile. Also, it eliminates the need for sterilization, because it does not come into contact with the patient and with the hands free accessory, doctors can monitor a patient with only a gaze. Awesome medical gadgets for starters!

Zeo Sleep Manager

9. Zeo Sleep Manager

Sleep is one of the most important processes in our lives. As a matter of fact, we sleep ⅓ of our entire lives, but still, we don’t know much about this process. Sleep is vital to normal functioning in every life form, without it, we die. And the quality of our sleep sets the mood for our entire day. And so, you can understand how important it is. And that is where Zeo Sleep Manager steps in.

It can provide us with vital information about our sleep patterns; how much time we spend in each sleep phase (Light sleep, REM – or Rapid Eye Movement, where we actually dream, and Deep sleep) and make a graph of our sleep patterns. It can wake us at the optimal time in our sleep cycle, using a innovative technology called SmartWake and many more. A great companion and medical gadget to make our lives more pleasant and our nights more peaceful.

8. BodyMedia FIT Armbands

BodyMedia FIT ArmbandsIf you ever wondered just how much calories you burn in a day, or how much your walk to the office helps you stay in shape, then the BodyMedia Armbands will be something that you only dreamed about. State of the art sensors pick up even the tiniest detail and can send it to your smartphone for a complete graph of your calorie burn over the day. A great tool to have if you are preparing to take a diet. You will end up running in the park to beat yet another record…

Panasonic R1-W

7. Panasonic R1-W

Panasonic truly has “Ideas for Life”, for example, the R1-W Hearing aid. This top of the line hearing aid has so much tech that it can run circles around its predecessors. The R1-W brings to the table a host of new features, amazing sound quality and a great and stylish design, but with a user friendly interface.  A great medical gadget for those that have problems with their hearing.

  • Revolutionary battery management – The easy care battery tool protects battery drainage while in the dehumidifier and batteries can last up to 300 hours
  • Voice memo recording option with Bluetooth Interface and microphone input
  • Record 5 files – 2 minutes and 40 seconds each
  • Patients can record reminders such as doctor’s appointments, phone numbers, etc
  • Broader fitting range – mild to severe hearing loss

Lifecomm Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

6. Lifecomm Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

All around the world, hundreds of people die every day because of the late intervention of medical staff. Be it someone alone in their house with no means to call emergency services, or on the street where no one is around. It is a sad truth and something that can happen to anyone. Lifecomm MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency System) could change all of that. It consists of a cellular transmitter that you can carry around you all the time, small, easy to use and non-intrusive. The MPERS is in fact a “panic button” that you can carry around you in 3 forms: a watch, a pendant or a belt clip, all very small and stylish. It has an impressive array of features that give you, most of all, peace of mind:

  • Automatic Fall Detection – Device sensors can detect an accidental fall and automatically connect the User to an Emergency Response Specialist.
  • Cellular Communications and GPS – The MPERS solution merges GPS technology with comprehensive wireless coverage, enabling the device to operate anywhere in or out of the home.
  • Expert Emergency Response Specialists – Users have one-button access to industry-leading emergency support services, ensuring proper aid is quickly received – 24/7/365.
  • Arrival/Departure Alerts – Using Customized Web Applications, the Caregiver can create up to ten location zones with the option to receive alerts whenever the User enters or departs a defined area.
  • Activity Overview – The User and Caregiver can monitor the “Number of Steps Taken” and “General Activity Levels” each day or for the past 30 days.
  • Find My Device – The User and Caregiver can receive help locating a misplaced device by using the Find My Device feature or by calling a Customer Care Specialist.

EarlySense Proactive Patient Care5. EarlySense Proactive Patient Care

A dream came true for doctors and nurses all over the world. The EarlySense Proactive is a system that allows medical staff to fully observe a patient’s vital signs without the need to be in the same room. The medical staff can monitor a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, movement and many more.The quick transfer of information and the ability to observe multiple patients at the same time have a great impact for hospitals and nursing homes, reducing the time between an accident and the response from the medical staff. This technology has the potential to save lives all over the world, and I would love to see them installed in every hospital in the world. A medical gadget that has potential to be used for individuals and hospitals all over the world.

Xtensor4. Xtensor

From an exercise tool to a medical gadget that helps you rebuild thickened tendons, the Xtensor is a great tool for people who do repetitive motions, such as typing or guitar playing. These repetitive motions thicken the tendons in the arm and makes your muscles stiff. Xtensor maximizes blood flow to these areas and regenerates the tendons to make them slick and flexible. As we grow older, the same damage to our muscles and tendons appears, and Xtensor can prove useful even in these situations. Making pur grip stronger than ever and out hands more flexible. One medical gadget ready to save your tendons.

Didrick X-Finger3. Didrick X-Finger

A great advancement in prosthetic limbs comes in the form of the Didrick X-Finger. The X-finger is a prosthetic finger that can operate just like a normal finger, offering finger amputees a chance of having a normal life again. Didrick can produce custom fingers, but their ultimate goal is to allow its users to regain “complete control of the flexion and extension movements”. The X-finger is self-contained device and due to its silicone base, it imitates the natural movement of the finger with stunning accuracy.

I-Limb2. I-Limb

I-Limb is a complete prosthetic limb that can mean the world to an amputee. It mimics the natural movement of the hand and allows its user to do just about anything they could have done with their natural hand. It comes in different designs, from full hands to 4 finger designs. The I-Limb promises a new life for amputees and it can certainly deliver on that promise due of its impressive arsenal of features:

  • Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures
  • Upgraded biosim-i and biosim-pro control software, with powerful new features
  • Three new tripod grips for increased user flexibility
  • Auto grasp feature to prevent objects slipping
  • Hand automatically moves to a natural position after period of inactivity
  • Two i-limb skin active coverings
  • Power management, extending daily battery usage by 25%
  • Dedicated clinical support for prosthetists and therapists

EPOC Neuroheadset1. EPOC Neuroheadset

EPOC Neuroheadset is a truly revolutionary system that promises a host of applications in many fields. The headset has a unique human – computer interface that allows its user to wirelessly control a computer using only their mind. This gadget has the power to bring a new era for disabled patients who cannot move. It could allow them to operate an electronic wheelchair or a virtual keyboard and many more. The headset comes with games that allow users to better familiarize themselves with the human – computer interface. They can manipulate virtual objects, create music or virtual environments using only their mind. These are just a few of the features that EPOC Neuroheadset has:

  • 14 saline sensors offer optimal positioning for accurate spatial resolution
  • Gyroscope generates optimal positional information for cursor and camera controls
  • Hi-performance wireless gives users total range of motion
  • Dongle is USB compatible and requires no custom drivers
  • Lithium Battery provides 12 hours of continuous use

Spy gadgets

There are a great variety of spy devices, from recorders in pens and cameras in books to flying  RC dragonfly-sized robots with a camera aboard.

Since the spy devices are so numerous, we’ll divide them into subcategories:

  1. Hidden cameras, night photography cameras and similar devices of video surveillance.
  2. Binoculars with custom optics and devices of night vision.
  3. Dictaphones and various listening devices.
  4. Lie detectors, motion sensors and others.

pen with cameraHigh technologies allow miniaturizing spy devices, turning almost every item into a potential risk for our safety. Though it may seem strange, spy gadgets are possible to use for protection. There are devices which are able to detect “bugs” and hidden cameras. This sort of devices may be used for video surveillance in one’s own home.

The main difference of this category is that it is designed mostly not to entertain but to protect or collect information, at will.

Key features:

  • tiny size,
  • protection
  • the ability to mimic,
  • large memory.

1. Tiny size and mimicry  – a good spy gadget is invisible. Today you can find cameras masked as an alarm-clock or a lipstick as well as “bugs” hidden into a network filter or an eraser!

2. Protection – an ideal spy gadget must not break because of water or ground impact. The devices with high physical hardness and program protection (which keeps the information from stealing and breaking in) have especially high market value.

3. Large memory – the working duration of the most of spy devices is determined by their ability to register a certain volume of information, and not by the powerful accumulator as you might think.  As a rule, in micro cameras and “bugs” the memory ends faster than the battery does. That is why, the devices which can provide many hours of listening and video shooting are of special value.

Leaders of sales: The market of spy gadgets is occupied by Chinese manufacturers which do not tend to announce themselves. Due to their illegal production they are hiding under insignificant trading names.  So, you have to choose a product almost blindfold. You may only hope that your friend or any experienced user will advise you what spy gadget to buy.

Prices: Spy gadgets made in China are possible to buy for funny money. Dictaphones and micro cameras are sold for 30-40 $. The models of higher quality will cost 100-200 bucks. Real tracking and surveillance systems cost real money, in addition to prosecution.

Prospects of the field: For the moment the usage of spy gadgets is legally prohibited in most countries. Some legislations leave loopholes, others prohibit totally. As a result, there are no spy products by famous hi-tech brands. The most of devices that are still put on the market are of low quality, they haven’t an adequate system of warranty, but then they have permanent “bugs” and “lags”.

It does not mean that there is no social demand for devices like that. However, the problem of spy things legalization will be solved hard and slowly. Till now the arguments “contra” overweight those of “pro”.

10 Smartphone Games Can Make You Smarter

For everyone out there who wants to keep their mind sharp over break without having to pull out a dictionary or a periodic table, we’ve compiled a list of smartphone games we think you’ll enjoy.   These range from explicitly educational to general thinking games, and they all have their own elements of fun. The best thing is, they’re all free!

1. Who Becomes Rich?
You may have gathered from the title that “Who Becomes Rich?” is a trivia game, seeing as it looks like the name may have been the result of a foreign developer incorrectly translating “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Despite this, the quality of the game is surprisingly exceptional. With trivia ranging from, “Who said ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’?” to, “Complete the phrase ‘Let the cat out of the…’” this game is both challenging and entertaining, and is sure to test you. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

2. The Brain Age Test
Sadly this is only available for Android, but it’s so good it had to be included on the list. Whether you’re chillin’ at a restaurant or bored at home, this game is a fantastic way to have a little fun and challenge yourself and your friends/family. It tests how well your brain is working by momentarily showing you encircled numbers before covering them up and then asking you to click the covered circles in ascending order according to your memory. It’s much harder than it sounds, but you’ll get better at it as you play. Beware, it’s very addicting.

3. OLO
Not to be confused with YOLO, this incredibly fun multi-player game will test your strategic abilities and give you a chance to tactically challenge your friends in a game quite similar to ping pong.  While it’s probably the least educationally related game on this list, it will definitely keep you on your toes and test your mental abilities under competitive pressure. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

unolingo4. Unolingo
A completely new spin on the word puzzle game genre, Unolingo offers a challenging method of making and solving words. It’s essentially a mix of Sudoku and Scrabble. With 26 empty squares and only one solution per puzzle, you must find a place for every letter of the alphabet through deductive reasoning and critical thinking. It’s a great way to stay sharp over break. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

5. 94 Seconds
A bit like digital charades, this game will tell you the category and first letter of each word, and your goal is to think of as many words as you can in 94 seconds. It’s incredibly addicting and offers an intense, unique challenge. It can be hard at times, but you’ll want to play it again and again. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

6. Miss Spell’s Class
As the clever title implies, in this game you’re going to need to identify incorrectly spelled words. (Get it? Miss spell’s = misspells…) As for any of you English majors or AP high school students out there, I dare you to try it out. Personally I consider myself an excellent speller, but I must admit the first round of this game I got 8 of the 20 words wrong. It’s pretty entertaining, and a great way to learn something in the meantime. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

7. Math Workout
Apparently there’s a YouTube video of someone completing this game in 45 seconds, which I find utterly impossible, but if you’re up to the challenge, try it out. This is an excellent choice for all you math lovers out there. Try to quickly solve math problems in levels ranging from simple addition and subtraction to exponents and roots, and submit your records into the Online World Challenge. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

8. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Based on the popular television show, this app will give you trivia that’s apparently at a fifth grade level. Not surprisingly most adults have extreme difficulty answering many of these questions correctly.  Do you still remember the things you were supposed to learn in the fifth grade? Check out this game and see just how smart you really are. (Available for Android and iPhone.)

9. Letris 2
Another great example of a unique approach to word puzzles, Letris 2 utilizes the style of the popular arcade game Tetris in its design and gameplay. The goal is to shorten the stacks of letters by spelling out words as more letters fall from above. It’s a very interestingly designed game and will give you hours of entertainment during your vacation, while giving you a chance to exercise your spelling and word-forming abilities. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

10. 1to50
A very simple yet unbelievably addictive game, 1to50 provides quick entertainment and an amazing mental challenge. Click individual numbers successively from 1 to 50 in a matrix of numbers as fast as you can in order to complete the game. It can be frustrating, but you’ll want to keep playing over and over to see how fast you can do it. A very elegantly designed game; I definitely recommend it. (Available on Android and iPhone.)

5 Best Gadgets for Business Travel

Secure your luggage

Not all the important documents and irreplaceable tech that you take on a business trip can fit in your hand luggage, and given that 22m suitcases are lost every year around the world, can you really trust airlines and baggage handlers with sensitive company information? The solution, in part, is the Eviate eTrack, an unobtrusive gadget that tells you where your luggage is at any time, alerts you when your case is on the baggage carousel (so nobody walks away with it by mistake) and even tells you if it has been opened during the journey. The Eviate eTag, meanwhile, is a digital baggage tag which allows passengers to check in at home, skipping long queues at the check-in desk and saving time that could be spent more productively.

Adapt to your environment

Business travellers need to adapt to new environments, both culturally and technologically. For the latter, one cheap and simple solution is the Go Travel Worldwide USB Adapter, which sidesteps the need to squeeze extra wires and plugs into overstuffed suitcases. The adaptor’s four sliding pins alternate between American, British, Australian and European plug configurations, and its two USB ports mean you can save time between meetings by charging multiple devices at the same time.

Type light

On some trips you simply don’t have the space or spare baggage weight for a laptop, and given that you may have a smartphone and tablet in your hand luggage already, a laptop can sometimes seem surplus to requirements. Except, that is, when you have anything longer than an email to type, when the deficiencies of small virtual keyboards are soon made abundantly clear. That’s where the ZAGG Pocket wireless Bluetooth keyboard comes in. It’s 85pc of the size of a desktop keyboard but folds into a travel case that fits snugly into pockets or purses.

Protect your essential technology

Whether it’s sudden turbulence, a bumpy taxi ride or the jolting of a train, working on the move is not always easy, and damaging the technology upon which we all rely these days can render an important business trip all but redundant. So keeping your phone or laptop working is key, and the Tech21 range of cases, featuring state-of-the-art FlexShock protection, means that whatever your gadgets come up against – dodgy driving, clumsy baggage handlers or spilled coffee – it won’t ruin your trip. You can still work when the cases are attached, too, so a dropped computer should never mean a missed business opportunity.

Keep account of your spending

There are many reasons not to take cash or the company credit card with you on business trips. Security issues are one, and unrestrained spending on credit cards can be expensive, and it complicates the expense claims process. One answer is a prepaid travel money card from the likes of PrePay Solutions. This increasingly popular option for small businesses lets you lock in strong exchange rates and load up the exact amount you want to spend abroad (or you will allow an employee to spend), which makes budgeting easier. Extra cash can be reloaded in emergencies, but you remain in control. Travel money cards are widely accepted in shops, restaurants, bars and at ATMs and, like any other cash or credit card, are chip-and-pin protected.

How to Get the Best Sound Out of Your Electric Guitar

Getting the best possible sound out of your guitar is essentially creating a balance between different elements that help create the sound. An acoustic guitar is all about the guitar shape, the wood, and the strings. An electric guitar, though, has some different considerations. While the guitar shape and woods definitely play a huge role, they’re not the only considerations you have to make. You have to think about the pickups, amps, and pedals as well. You need to make sure you pick the best possible combination of factors so that you can create the balanced sound you were looking for. You want to start with the guitar itself.

Guitar Considerations

The guitar is going to be the first and most important consideration you have. Guitars are made with a bunch of different kinds of wood; each kind of wood is going to contribute the sound your guitar produces. The neck, fretboard, and body are all made of wood, and the type of wood influences the sound. You usually want to combine a few different kinds of wood to make a good balance. Mahogany creates a warm, rich middle sound. Maple creates clear low sounds and bright tones. Ebony adds brightness to the sound. The bright sounds are great if you want to add heavy distortion with your amps and pedals. The features of the various woods go on and on. It’s probably smart to do some more research on the different woods.

Paul Reed Smith guitars are made from well-balanced combinations of tone woods that provide clear, crisp sound. You can typically find a great balance of tonewoods in a PRS guitar. If you’re looking for a good starting point, PRS guitars are a good way to go.

Amp Considerations

Choosing amplifiers and pedals is another case of finding a balance. You want to make sure that your amps and pedals complement the tones of the wood and strings on the guitar. For example, if you have a guitar known for its bright, clear tones, you want also to choose an amp known for bright clear tones. The combination of these two aspects will make a very bright sound. However, that sound could be too trebly and sharp around the edges. To ease that, you should connect a pedal that rounds out the sound and thickens the tone.


The cables themselves actually have something of an effect on the sound as well. Long, curled cables tend to have a darkening effect on the sound, because the longer the cable, the more capacitance it adds to the electrical signal.

Keep in mind that everything in an electric guitar is an electrical signal. The sound vibrations are translated by the pickups into electrical signals and sent through the cables, amps, and pedals. That means that the wood of the guitar, the material of the strings, and the tension in the strings will help create a certain sound. After that point, it becomes all about the electrical components. The cable, the pedal, and the amp interpret the electrical signals from the guitar, warping and changing them in different ways.

Download High Quality Music

If you’re into music, there are specialists online that provide you with the opportunity to download quality tracks. Whatever your taste in music, check out the largest music collection on the web ready for you to download such as:-

  • A backing track to perform in a live concert
  • Stage
  • Recording
  • Musical theatre
  • Cruise
  • TV/radio setting

Experts have more than 10 years of experience within the business so you can expect a professional backing tracks service. There is an extensive music library on a user friendly website to browse, something for everyone of all ages.

A huge variety of music downloading options

The great news is there is a variety of music downloading options available from online specialists. Apart from the very best music collection to download, recommended companies can also supply you with sheet music arrangements, ideal for stage/cruise engagements including custom-made backing tracks. Whatever you’re looking for, get in touch with friendly advisers who can more than match your requirements.

Find out more about the pricing structure for downloading music from the web which is usually made up of:-

  • The price per song
  • The price per CD
  • Custom tracks
  • Sheet music arrangements

Needless to say, before placing an order you may have a number of queries or questions that you would like to be answered. With this in mind spend some time reading online frequently asked questions sections to help you with the following:-

  1. How do I download my tracks once I have paid for them – simply log in with your e-mail address and password.       You will then be directed to your account page. Just select “my downloads” from the list that you would like to download, then click on the download sections button.
  2. Is it possible to change the key or remove instruments, backing vocals from the track – unfortunately you won’t be able to effect key changes or remove individual instruments, however there are tracks available in alternative keys and programmes.
  3. Is it possible to have a custom-made track – online specialists can arrange tailor-made tracks. Speak to an online consultant about the options available.

Create a wish list

What could be better than creating your very own music collection wish list? There are literally thousands of music downloads to choose from so you can create a listening entertainment library. To get your wish list up and running, all you have to do is login or create an account. By doing this you’ll be able to:-

  1. Move through the checkout process faster
  2. Store multiple shipping addresses
  3. View and track your orders

It’s easy to begin your search for any particular type of music, just enter the artist or track name. There’s a huge variety of backing track music categories which can be downloaded from the web by using the services of recommended specialists. Maybe you’re after downloading a little jazz, heavy rock, blues classical or opera.

How Guitars Get Their Sound

 Have you ever strummed a guitar in a guitar shop or at a buddy’s house and wondered how they got that rich sound? Maybe you have listened to some of these famous musicians who really coax the greatest possible sound out of their guitars and wondered how they make such great music. When it comes to electric guitars, most people focus on amps. That is not the whole story though. As would make the most sense, the sound a guitar makes begins with the guitar itself.

A guitar comes down to a body, a neck, a fretboard, pickups, and strings. That is pretty much it. Those components are the base of the sound. The quality of the sound is called its tone. Tone begins with picking the right wood.

Wood Selection is Key

The wood of an electric guitar creates the literal sounding board for the guitar. Sound bounces off the wood and is picked up by the pickups. Certain woods change the tones in certain ways. Many people think of the wood as the seasoning on the sound, which is the base ingredient. Different woods can change and alter, but the right ones enhance the sound that is already being produced.

Ebony and Rosewood

Ebony and rosewood are hardwoods that are similar in levels of hardness. Ebony is a little bit heavier sometimes, but not always. That means the two kinds of wood respond similarly. They dampen the low frequencies, which creates complex, rich, and ringing overtones. This transpires because the wood has successfully absorbed the low overtones. If you are playing with ebony or rosewood, you will hear those upper tones very distinctly. PRS guitars with rosewood bodies are known for their bright and clear tones.


Mahogany is a drastic shift from ebony or rosewood. Due to the internal structure of mahogany, many of the upper overtones are dampened. This results in the stronger and cleaner sound. The notes you hit come through very clearly without the overtones to complicate the sound. Many people think of this as a “dry” or “warm” sound.


Maple wood is one of the most diverse woods in terms of tone and dampening because it is grown in so many parts of the world. The main advantage of maple is that it is very predictable. A knowledgeable luthier or guitar seller can advise you which kind of maple will deliver which sound quality. Essentially, you can make a very treble-heavy and bright guitar with maple that will deliver that sound every time. If you want to create a warm guitar with low overtones, you can pick the right kind of maple to deliver that sound every time.

The choice of wood becomes even more complex when you start to account for the neck and the fretboard. If the wood is seasoned, then you have to know how to apply it so that it plays well with the base ingredient, the sound, but also with the other seasoned pieces. If you choose a heavy mahogany to dampen those upper tones and create a clean sound, you need a neck that complements that.

Some Subgenres in Rock Music

Some subgenres are widespread, some local. For example, southern rock is exclusive to the US, but hard rock is everywhere.

Rock emerged mostly from Blues and Rock and roll.

Blues rock retains a lot of the blues influence.

Hard rock is a loosely defined term that fuels the stereotypical loud rebel image of rockstars.

Psychedelic rock has to do with psychedelic drugs. They may have been written under the influence and/or may make you feel like you’re hallucinating.

Progressive rock is characterised by unconventional song structure, complex techniques and styles and time signatures, virtuoso instrumentalists. Consists of both, pretentious bands that force complex time signatures everywhere and really good bands that make beautiful music.

Punk rock was this anti-establishment,  DIY movement that was characterised by harsh sound, shorter songs and fast tempos.

Alternative rock emerged from punk rock and did not incorporate elements from  one particular genre, but was much influenced by punk rock nonetheless. Britpop is a genre that emerged in the UK and is similar to the Alternative rock, though a bit softer.

Heavy metal is a heavier subgenre of Rock that lets go of the Blues influence and packs more power. Some will argue it has over the years become vast enough to be called a genre of its own, but it derives primarily from rock and not from multiple genres and hence, remains a subgenre of Rock.

Surf rock is a subgenre that was popularised by The Beach Boys and is usually easygoing.

Southern rock consists of people singing about Southern US in the southern accent.

Electronic rock is a subgenre that depends a lot on synthesizers and turntables as the name suggests.

Soft rock consists mostly of songs (possibly love songs) that might sound like lullabies to someone who doesn’t have patience for such slow and soft music.

Traditional Music in Indonesian

Gamelan orchestra

Gamelan music is the most popular and important kind in Indonesia. Gamelan orchestras accompany all dances and dramas. Gamel means ‘to hammer’, and most of the instruments of a gamelan orchestra are struck with wooden mallets, padded sticks or hammers.The conductor of a gamelan orchestra is a drummer who is part of the orchestra.

Instruments of a gamelan orchestra

A complete orchestra could have about 40 or more different instruments. There would be instruments that are struck to produce sound, such as kettledrums, xylophones, and gongs of various sizes. There would be a wind instrument, a bamboo flute called a suling, and string instruments such as a zither or lute. There would be instruments whose sounds are produced by vibration, such as drums, bells, cymbals and gongs.

There are also two sets of instruments that are tonal: the slendro tuned to five tones and the pelog, tuned to seven tones. The slendro is used to suggest festivity or cheerfulness, and is believed to have developed in Java in the eighth century. The pelog is used to express sadness, and is also very ancient in its origins. These two cannot be played together, but are used according to the mood of the piece being played.

Gamelan music

Gamelan music is complicated. It is an ancient form of music and has been handed down for many generations, never written down, but learned by being played. Gamelan is an essential part of Indonesian life. It is slightly different from island to island.

Angklung music

Another popular form of orchestral music is the angklung, which is played on instruments made entirely of bamboo of different lengths. Each instrument is made up of two bamboo tubes, each of a different note. The instruments are shaken to produce sound.

Characteristics of Jazz, Blues, Soul and R&B Music

They all come out of the African-American Song-Dance tradition which have its Roots in Gospel music, in particular the Congregational hymn and Negro Spiritual traditions. typical characteristics include call-and-response, the sanctified shout or a “holler”, synchronized dance moves, and personal improvisations on the main theme.

Louis Armstrong: Struttin’ With Some Barbecue.
Dizzy Gillespie: Shaw Nuff, Groovin high, Salt Peanuts, Manteca.
Jelly Roll Morton: Black Bottom Stomp, Mr. Jelly Lord, Dead Man Blues.
Art Tatum: Yesterdays, Tiger Rag, This Can’t be Love, Tea for two.
Nat King Cole: Route 66, straighten up and fly right, Mona Lisa, Sweet Lorraine, Honeysuckle Rose.
So many More in Jazz, Miles Davis on Prestige, John Coltrane: A Love Supreme. Thelonious Monk, Wes Montgomery etc…

Blues: With Roots in Gospel and ragtime/jazz this music starts in a similar fashion so I’ll try to highlight what makes it different.
so the Griots (W. African music) and the Field “hollers” or “work songs” definitely have a more profound influence which is very integral to the sound (aesthetic) of the innovators along the Mississippi River Delta.
W.C. Handy: St. Louis Blues, Memphis Blues, Yellow Dog Blues.
Mamie Smith: Crazy Blues.
Charlie Patton: Pony Blues, high water blues, po’ me, shake it and break it. Lonnie Johnson: he’s a jelly roll baker, tomorrow night, pleasing you, so tired. Son House: my black mama, preachin blues, walkin blues, Son’s blues.
Robert Johnson: crossroads, sweet home chicago.
So many more, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Skip James, Bukka White, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Elmore James, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Blind Willie McTell, etc…

Soul and R&B I consider to be almost similar with minor differences from each other. Both rooted in the early jazz and gospel traditions of the black church, R&B being a bit more tribal than its smoother Soul music counterpart. Early on a lot of the artist were signed as Gospel artist and made the switch to Secular music later in thier careers e.g.: B.B. King, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, etc…

Little Richard: Tutti Frutti, Long Tall Sally, Keep a knockin, Good golly Miss Molly.
Chuck Berry: Maybellene, roll over beethoven, Johnny B. Goode.
Bo Diddley: diddy wah diddy, who do you love?, you cant judge a book by its cover.

Sam Cooke: you send me, another saturday night, I love you (for sentimental reasons), what a wonderful world, a change is gonna come.
Ray Charles: I got a woman, drown in my own tears, hallelujah I love her so, the Right time, what’d I say, hit the road jack.
Jackie Wilson: Lonely Tear Drops, baby workout, higher and higher.
many more…  Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, The Coasters, The Drifters, Fats Domino, Ruth Brown, Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, etc

How to Get Started Playing Hard Rock and Metal Guitar

  1. Choose a guitar. The better the guitar, the better the sound. And that means it will be easier and more fun to learn on. That said, it isn’t at all necessary to go out and spend tons of money on a nice axe. Don’t spend less than $200. There are a lot of poorly made beginner models out there that could just end up leaving you frustrated.

    • For Rock, an entry level Epiphone (by Gibson) or Squier (by Fender) model guitar is a good idea to start with. If your budget can handle it, Fender and Gibson have famous names on the headstock. They make instruments the way they made them in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
    • For metal, some good brands are B.C. Rich, DBZ, Dean, ESP, Jackson, and Ibanez. If you’re old school, Gibson and Fender clones can also be used for metal.
    • Now, you may be asking: what’s the difference between a rock guitar and a metal guitar? The most important difference is in the pickups. Heavy metal guitars tend to have “active pickups”, while rock guitars usually have “passive pickups”. Go ahead and look up the difference.
    • Remember, just because a guitar has passive pickups doesn’t mean you cannot play metal with it. Vice versa, just because a guitar has active pickups doesn’t mean you can’t play rock with it.
  2. Buy an amp. Get something small (no more than about 30 watts, no less than 10) to practice with, and spend no more than 100 dollars on it. It should be a “combo amp”. You don’t need to pay much heed to this term, but if you’re curious, look it up elsewhere. Anyway, you can move to higher-end models later once you are more experienced. Line 6, Crate, Epiphone, Fender, all make decent entry level amps. Fender, Vox, and Marshall make higher-end tube amps, among other companies as well. Read on to find out what the difference between tube and solid-state amps is.

    • There are two types of amps: Solid-state and Tube. Solid-state amplifiers are much, MUCH cheaper, and are recommended for a beginner. However, some metalcore and metalcore guitarists prefer solid-state amps because they can sound very harsh (doesn’t always apply to cheap entry-level amps).
    • Tube amps (also known as “valve” amps, especially in the UK) are frequently used by professional rock musicians, and a large percentage of heavy metal players use tube as well. Unfortunately for the beginner, they much more expensive than solid-state amps. Tube-driven amps are widely considered to sound highly superior to solid-state amps. They are definitely not recommended for a beginner, as they do require maintenance and care must be taken when using them; they are quite fragile and can be costly to repair.
      • Special note: Some amps use a combination of Tube and Solid-State technology. They are often a good choice for the amateur guitarist who has moved beyond the beginner level. They sound far superior to entry-level Solid-State amps and are a lot cheaper than fully Tube amplifiers.
      • Another special note: “tube” does NOT refer to the shape of the amp.
  3. Buy some picks. Get lots and lots of these. You’re going to be losing them, I promise. No guitarist can avoid that, so have backups. Get some with a thin to medium thickness and some that are heavier. You will probably find you like one more than the other. Once you have found a preference, buy primarily that type of picks. Jim Dunlop makes great picks of all thickness.
  4. Buy strings. Guitars are nothing without good strings. Investing in these will produce awe-inspiring sound.

    • D’Addario and Ernie Ball strings are the most commonly used strings for both rock AND heavy metal. It’s mostly a matter of personal preference.
    • Keep in mind the string gauge when buying strings. String gauge refers to how thick the strings are. When people refer to string gauges, they usually use the gauge of the high E string (the 1st string). For example, if you buy strings that are .009 gauge, that means that the 1st string gauge is .009 inches (0.0 cm) thick. See for an accurate list of string gauges.
    • The thicker the string gauge, the more bass you can hear and powerful-sounding the strings will be, but it will be more difficult to do string bends. A string bend is when you bend the string so you can change the pitch of the note. The thinner the string gauge, the easier it will be to do string bends, but the strings will sound more like treble. Make sure you try many different kinds so you can figure out what suits you best.
  5. Learn to understand tablature, often shortened to “tab” or “tabs”. Tablature is a system that uses numbers to represent positions on the fretboard. Remember, the 1st string is the one closest to your feet when you play, and the 6th string is closest to your head.

    • The long lines represent the strings:
      • E (1st)———————————————
      • B (2nd)———————————————
      • G (3rd)———————————————
      • D (4th)———————————————
      • A (5th)———————————————
      • E (6th)———————————————
  6. Learn from examples. Here is a tablature staff telling you to play a note at the 3rd fret on the 6th string, then a note at the 6th fret on the same string, then a note on the 3rd fret of the 5th string, and finally two notes together – 2nd fret 4th string and the fifth string open (not fretting any note). Whenever notes are shown directly over or under other notes, all of them are played together as a chord.

    • E (1st)———————————————
    • B (2nd)———————————————
    • G (3rd)———————————————
    • D (4th)——-2————————————-
    • A (5th)—–3-0————————————-
    • E (6th)-3-6—————————————–
  7. Tune your Ax. If you don’t know how to tune the guitar, buy a tuner. Everybody uses them anyway, because tuning by ear is impossible for a beginner. If you cannot get a tuner, use a pitch pipe or some point of reference to:

    • Tune the fifth string to A.
    • Then match the sound of the 5th fret on the 6th string to the open A.
    • Match the D string to the 5th fret of the 5th string.
    • Match the G string to the 5th fret of the 4th string.
    • Match the B string to the 4th fret of the 3rd string.
    • Match the high E string to the 5th fret of the 2nd string.
  8. Learn about key. Key, is a big mystery to a lot of beginners. It’s going to remain one too – because we aren’t going into the swamp of music theory here. Next is this nifty chart which will tell you what fret (position) you can play your pentatonic scale at over any chord and stay in key. If this confuses you, remember that the scale starts on the 6th string, and the first note in the pattern is the root. Even if you skip the 6th string and start playing on the 4th, whatever fret you started on is your position. If you started anywhere on the 5th fret, you’re playing in the key of A, etc. Still confused? Have a look at this:

Rhythm chord or Key with “Safe Frets” (positions) to solo at

  • A – open, 5, 12
  • B flat – 1, 6, 13
  • B – 2, 7, 14
  • C – 3, 8, 15
  • C sharp – 4, 9, 16
  • D – 5, 10
  • E flat – 6, 11
  • E – open, 7, 12
  • F – 1, 8, 13
  • F sharp – 2, 9, 14
  • G – 3, 10, 15
  • G sharp – 4, 11, 16

This chart is based on something monstrous and foul called the “Circle of Fifths,” which you can feel free to ignore until you become more advanced. Learning about it now will only cause a headache and (in the state of California) tooth decay. There are also tons of other scales you can play and other positions you can use in each key, but this is a basic crash course and there is no use in making you want to toss the guitar out the window before you learn to play it. That sort of information is available elsewhere. With this one scale (the pentatonic), played in the positions indicated by the chart above over the rhythm chords, you can be tearing it up in not so much time. At least 75% of hard rock solos are based around this concept anyhow, including a lot of the mega-classics.


  • Make sure you keep good technique. You don’t want to develop bad habits, especially as a beginner. Habits developed now will be very difficult to break later on.
  • If you are a fairly experienced guitar player but are having difficulty with heavy metal, don’t worry. Keep at it, and you’ll get it. Though it may not appear it, metal guitar is one of the hardest types to get good at. Also, consider learning how to play classical guitar. While it sounds very different from heavy metal, a lot of the technique used for classical guitar can help you be a better metal player.
  • For understanding music theory, learning piano helps.
  • Sometimes, try to warm up on a bass guitar, it strengthens your fingers and makes playing on the guitar easier. This is not necessary however, and most guitarists don’t bother with th

How To Hit High Notes (Falsetto)

Singing should be as natural as talking.

Think about it… Your speaking voice is smooth and connected, never requiring strain, and always seeming natural. That’s how it should be even when belting out vocals. You need a balanced vocal mechanism. That means having:

  • Proper Vocal Cord Closure – no air leaking out when making a sound
  • A Level Larynx – making sure it doesn’t rise too high

How do you achieve this?


I know, I know…this isn’t the magic bullet you’re hoping for…

(but wait… because I do have a shortcut to success I share below)

Breathing and vocal exercises are key to being able to hit the notes you want without strain.

By doing these exercises you help to strengthen your vocal cords and work more efficiently when it sings.

Steady air flow is very important when singing higher. It may seem weird, but it’s true.

Not Too Much Though

That doesn’t mean you should force too much air through your body – that has the opposite effect of what you want: added resistance and pressure.

Contrary to what you might think, you actually need less air to hit high notes, not more. 

Straining or breathing to heavily will cause your larynx to go higher and your voice to crack – we’ve all been there when trying to belt out those high notes.

But You Still Want Enough

On the opposite end of the spectrum, too little air won’t give you enough power.

You need to learn how to work your diaphragm when breathing. You should feel your stomach rise, then your chest. 

Stand up tall and straight then try saying “ha” a few times in short, powerful bursts.

That’s the feeling of breathing and speaking with a supported voice.

Another way to avoid using your throat (as opposed to your stomach) when singing is to push your stomach out (so it sticks out more). It’ll help you fill your lungs with air and use your diaphragm.Sing High Notes With Mix Voice

All About The Mix

So if you don’t want to use too much breath, and not use your throat as much, but kind of use it, and not your chest, but also kind of from there…..

What do you do??

You need to learn to use your mix voice (which is a voice that combines your head register/voice, with your chest register/voice – hence, mix voice).


When you’re practicing it’s a good idea to start your vocal runs or exercises in your middle range, and gradually move higher and higher.

Also, try singing the word “yawn” in a high register.

Take note of the position of your mouth when you begin to say the word in each vocal range you use.

That position is exactly how you need to position your mouth to hit that particular note.

Warm tea or liquid can help relax your throat and vocal cords, so try to keep some handy when practicing.

And remember – it’s not all about reaching higher and higher and straining your voice when you’re trying to hit high notes.

So avoid this tendency at all costs when you’re practicing.

Sing Higher Through BreathingSome Breathing Exercises to Try

In case you didn’t know, using staccato (short, accented notes) makes it easier to hit high notes.

Unfortunately most songs are sung in legato (melodic and long phrases that tie together).

So with this exercise you’ll start by doing staccato notes and gradually transition to legato, all while moving higher along the vocal register (i.e. using higher notes/pitches).

What to Do:

  1. You’ll be singing the words one-two-three-four-five-four-three-two-one up and down a musical scale
  2. Start with staccato (short bursts)
  3. Once you’re getting good with hitting high staccato notes, start making them more legato (flowing together)
  4. Once you’re comfortable there, move up higher in pitch.

Of course, this requires a lot of practice time and work. No one said it would be easy But once you do this over and over again, you’ll notice a big improvement in your ability to hit higher notes.

But who wants to wait forever? We wanna reach higher notes now, am I right?!

The Effects of Criminal Law on Our Lives

In our private lives, the area of law we will experience the most, either directly or indirectly would have to be the criminal law.  Not necessarily through contravening its principals, the individual citizen will more commonly encounter its breadth in the course of their everyday lives, considering as a factor the legal ramifications of any desired conduct or decision in the decision making process.  For most of us, we tend to live our lives within these predetermined boundaries with no second thought or question as to the morality of the prohibited option nor the moral authority behind it.  In this article, it is proposed to look at the nature and scope of the criminal law in our society, and to discuss whether as an entity it is too intrusive, or whether it is naturally a required aspect of regulating society.

It is often said academically that the citizen enjoys freedom to act as he wishes in his life, subject to the regulatory provisions of the criminal law and the criminal justice system.  It is thought that as citizens of a particular country, largely at freedom to choose where we live in the world, we impliedly accept the authority of the relevant legal provisions which, for the most part, regulate on a moral level.  Of course there are exceptions, i.e. criminal laws of a regulatory or secondary nature which do not directly bear any moral message, such as speeding limits or parking restrictions.  So, then, to what extent does the criminal law reflect morality, and further from what source is this morality derived?

The criminal law is said to operate in mind of the public good, and the benefit of society.  It could, therefore, be argued to be crossing the boundaries into serious restrictions on liberty when it regulates personal conduct like drug use which may not have any wider impact than on that of the person indulging accordingly.  Why should the criminal law impose restrictions on what a person can do with his or her own body?  Surely our own freewill is a good enough justification for acting outwith the scope of the law in these types of scenario?

Furthermore an interesting area of the criminal law is potential liability for omissions.  In this sense, the citizen can actually be punished without acting at all in a specific way.  This takes the criminal law beyond a regulatory framework for the public good into an actual coercive force to make people positively act in a certain way.  For example, in some jurisdictions there is a legal duty to report a road traffic accident.  This means a citizen who is aware of the occurrence of such will have committed a criminal offence where he does not act in the prescribed manner.  Again, this is surely affording a broad scope to the criminal law, which may be seen by some as intruding on the fundamental freedoms and values upon which most modern nations were built.

It is interesting to consider the real impact of the criminal law, and the sheer breadth of conduct it regulates.  From the objectively morally wrong to the less obvious cases of imposition of liability, the criminal law places severe restrictions on the general principal of absolute liberty, which is clearly the subject of much academic and philosophical debate

Simple Tips When It Comes to Criminal Law

No one wants to be accused of a crime, but what would you do if that ever happens to you or a loved one? Would you know how to handle a situation like that? That is why knowing something about criminal law might come in handy.

It might be you or or a loved one who could be accused of doing something criminal. The important thing is that you should know what to do. You should be able to handle it or things can go from bad to worse in a very short period.

What You Should Do

If a loved one has been accused of a crime, the first thing to do is to get in touch with a criminal lawyer right away. They would be able to tell you in greater detail the actions that have to be taken to help ensure that your loved one’s rights are not violated.

Get Vital Information Right Away

Information is vital at this stage and situation. You should find out why your loved is being held and where. You must know the police agency that is holding them, the name of the law enforcers involved, what the case is. Ask these details from the law enforcers and not from your loved one as your conversation might be recorded and that can be used as evidence against them.

Remaining Silent is Important

Tell your loved one that it is important that they should remain silent and that they do not say anything at this point. When you speak with the law enforcers, you should tell them that your loved one will not make any statements and that they should wait for the arrival of the attorney. Take note of the time of your conversation.

Documentation of Events

It is important that you take note of everything that is happening right from the moment that you learn of the arrest. Take note of the time that events occur as well. Doing this could help the attorney to make the defense.

The Importance of a Good Lawyer

We could not overemphasize the importance of a good lawyer at this point. You should find someone who is experienced and well-versed when it comes to criminal law. If you can find someone who has dealt with the kind of case that your loved one has then that would even be better.

Support is Important

At this stage your support and help could be very vital for your loved one. You must show them that you will be there for them no matter what. They must understand that you will be ready to deal with any kind of problem that might arise and that you are not judging them because of what has happened.

Facing criminal charges isn’t something that we would really want but when it happens to us or to our loved ones then we have to be ready. It helps to know a thing or two about criminal law because that might mean your loved one being acquitted.

American Singles Dating Culture

Are you spending any—or if you’re between waist deep and neck deep in a relationship, all of your time—looking for that special rock to put on that special ring finger? Are you hopelessly waiting for someone to put that rock on your finger?

Well, here’s a bittersweet piece of news: rock is dead.

That’s right. What has been conventionally used as a tongue-in-cheek slam to show how aged our leading image of rock and roll is now gets paraded around to show how aged our leading image of marriage and dating has become.

If you’re an American, and part of that—dreadful if you’re not part of it/dreamy if you’re part of it—millennial generation, dating has fallen into a synonymous rut with anonymous sex, or, ‘barely there, quickly in and out hookup’ sex. It’s getting billed as ‘hookup culture’, and couture many aren’t sure they want to try on.

This isn’t going to be a parade, brag rag, or berating tirade against anything like Tinder or other dating apps and websites. Everyone is already pretty familiar with them. What we’re going to look at today is what’s going on between real people after 5 pm and right around 9 am.

‘Hook up culture’ is getting hung out to dry because of a similarity it has to something else that takes a beating from everyone outside of the millennial generation: instant gratification. It’s supposedly an arrow to the knee of real romance, because hook up culture encourages one-night stands more than it does legitimate connections.

Although divorce rates have gone down (high-five, unless you live in amicable hatred with the person you’re married to), people are getting married later and later as the decades go by, which means that people are having sex with more people over their lifetimes than ever before. If your liberal agenda keeps you under the bar of conservative abstinence, and above the gutter of sleaziness that makes you want to get tested when you wake up in the morning, that may sound pretty cool—until you hear science that states hookup culture is a myth.

Yep. These easy come, easy go millennnials are actually not as swing happy as one might think—and definitely not as promiscuous as their parents who seem to stare with a judgmental eye. This is mostly because we live in a society obsessed with hyperbole, and if one person is doing it, we broadcast that it’s a widespread epidemic.

American singles also live in a time and culture that is inundated with social media fandom that follows the most flagrant and foul. That means the one guy who talks the most about bedding the most, or the girl who upload the most scandalous pictures will most certainly get the most attention, and thus the idea of that behavior being a must is thrust into the minds of the populous.

So what’s the takeaway here? Hide in a box? Probably not. Are millennials going to corrupt society with their frantic spin on American singles dating? Probably not. The truth is—you simply have to take things at their own pace. The jitters of getting a text from someone you might like is not different than your great grandfather using a rotary phone to call your great grandmother and ask her to a date come summer. The only difference is that your great grandfather got dressed in a suit just to make the phone call, and you can swipe right wearing just underwear—or nothing at all.

Job Description of a Criminal Law Paralegal

Criminal law paralegals work alongside lawyers to assist in the various tasks commonly handled by law firms. While working as a paralegal takes significantly less preparation than law school, paralegals can do everything a lawyer can do except for give legal advice, present cases in court, set fees and take cases.

Criminal law paralegals work alongside lawyers to promote justice in criminal cases.

Education and Certification

  • Most paralegals either have an associate degree in paralegal studies or a bachelor’s degree (in any field) and a paralegal certificate. While criminal law paralegals are not required to have any type of certification, becoming certified often increases a paralegal’s ability to compete for the most desirable jobs. Certification is available through the following three organizations: the National Association of Legal Assistants, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations and the American Alliance of Paralegals. Certifications for individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree are available through a wide variety of colleges and paralegal schools. In some cases, a paralegal with experience may become certified simply by taking a board-certified test.


  • Criminal law paralegals differ from typical paralegals in that they work specifically with the details of criminal cases instead of the broader aspects of the law. For a paralegal working in criminal law, these include things like interviewing witnesses, doing research for a case, putting together documents, organizing key evidence for trial and helping a lawyer prepare for a case. According to, they must understand “the basic classification of crimes, as well as the legal procedures surrounding search and seizure, arrest, bail and probation.” They also perform secretarial work, including tasks like answering the phone, making phone calls, keeping track of paperwork and entering data into the computer. A new paralegal is often assigned mostly administrative work until he becomes more experienced.


  • Criminal law paralegals spend most of their time working in the office at a law firm. However, they are sometimes asked to travel or assist a lawyer while in court. They generally work 40 hours a week during office hours, although they may sometimes be asked to work overtime or unusual hours when a court case necessitates it.


  • In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 28 percent increase in the need for paralegals from 2008 to 2018. This is likely because most law offices are seeking to assign as many tasks as possible to paralegals to avoid hiring more lawyers than necessary. As this shift continues, many offices will seek to replace lawyer positions with more paralegals.


  • As of May 2008, paralegals in the United States earned an average salary of $46,120, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. However, the highest paid paralegals earned salaries in the range of $73,000. Most paralegal jobs come with a full benefits package.

Religious Morality vs. Civil Law

When, if ever, should personal religious morality take precedence over neutral, public laws and standards of justice? In a civil, secular society the answer should probably be “never,” but not all religious believers agree with this. One issue which underlies so many religious conflicts, not to mention religious extremism, is the conviction held by many religious believers that their religious morality, supposedly from their god, should take precedence when they believe the law has failed.

The underlying principle behind this is the belief that all proper or just morality, law, standards of conduct, ethics, and authority ultimately derives from God. When civil authorities fail to execute what one believes to be the wishes or standards of God, then those civil authorities have failed to live up to the standards which justify their existence. At this point the religious believer is justified in ignoring them and taking God’s wishes into their own hands. There is no such thing as a justified civil authority independent of God and thus no valid civil laws which can excuse godless, immoral behavior.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of this sort of thinking comes from Iran where six members of a state militia were found innocent of murder by the Iranian Supreme Court because the six human beings they brutally killed were all regarded by the killers as “morally corrupt.”

No one denied that the killings happened; instead the killings were justified in a manner analogous to how one can justify killing someone in self-defense.

Rather than claiming that their lives were in danger, however, the killers claimed that they had the authority under Islamic law to kill people who had not been properly punished by the state for grossly immoral behavior. All of the victims suffered greatly by being stoned or drowned, and in one case an engaged couple was killed simply because they were walking together in public.

Three lower courts had originally upheld the men’s convictions, finding that a belief that someone is “morally corrupt” is insufficient grounds to justify killing a human being. The Iranian Supreme Court disagreed with the other courts and agreed with senior clerics who have argued that Muslims have a duty to enforce the moral standards handed down by God. Even Mohammad Sadegh Al-e-Eshagh, a Supreme Court judge who didn’t take part in the case and who says that killings done without a court order should be punished, was willing to agree that certain moral “offenses” can be justifiably punished by the people — offenses like adultery and insulting Muhammad.

In the final analysis, this ruling means that anyone can get away with murder by simply claiming that the victim was morally corrupt. In Iran, personal religious morality has been given precedence over neutral civil laws and standards of conduct. Under civil laws, everyone is supposed to be judged by the same neutral standards; now, everyone can be judged by the personal standards of random strangers — standards based on their own personal interpretation of their private religious beliefs.

Although the situation in Iran is extreme, it is in principle not too far different from the beliefs of many other religious believers around the world. This is, for example, the underlying principle behind attempts by Americans in various professions to avoid being held to the same standards and do the same job that others in the profession have to do. Rather than abide by neutral laws and standards of professional conduct, individual pharmacists want the authority to decide for themselves — based on their personal interpretation of private religious morality — which medications they will and will not dispense. Cab drivers want to do the same with respect to who they will and will not transport in their cabs.

This is an issue which is usually discussed in the context of church/state separation, but it’s one which cuts right to the heart of whether church and state should even be separated. What it comes down to is whether civil society will be governed by neutral, secular laws created by the people based upon their own determination of what is and is not right, or will society be governed by the interpretations of allegedly divine revelations by ecclesiastical leaders — or even worse, by the personal interpretations by every religious individual acting on their own?

This isn’t simply a question of accommodation, which involves simply making it easier for religious individuals to follow their religion and conscience. You accommodate a person’s religious needs by adapting procedures to work around those needs, but when you exempt them from having to do the very basic requirements of a job you go beyond mere accommodation. At this point, you enter the same realm which the Iranian Supreme Court has already deeply penetrated: you abandon neutral, secular standards of conduct applicable to everyone in favor of personal religious standards adopted and interpreted by each individual at will.

This is incompatible with a multi-faith, multicultural, civil society. Such a society requires secular standards that apply equally to all people in all situations — that’s what it means to be a nation of laws rather than of men. The rule of law and justice depends upon publicly disclosed, publicly debated, and publicly decided standards rather than the arbitrary whims, beliefs, or faiths of individuals who happen to occupy positions of power and authority. We should expect doctors, pharmacists, cab drivers, and other licensed professionals to treat us according to independent, public standards — not arbitrary, personal religious standards. We should expect the state to deliver justice in a neutral, secular manner — not protect those who seek to enforce a private vision of godly conduct o

5 Things You Must to Know About Consumer Law

1. Misleading your customers is illegal

The main purpose of the Fair Trading Act is to protect consumers. You must not mislead your customers or give them false information. But remember, businesses buy goods and services too, so businesses are also protected.

2. Customers must be able to rely on your quotes and estimates

Providing quotes or estimates to your potential customers is a key part of doing business. A quote is an offer to do a job for a certain price. It’s likely to be misleading if you charge more than your quote, unless you have explicitly agreed a variation with your customer beforehand.

An estimate is the nearest price, or range of prices, that you can give your customer based on past experience. All limits and conditions must be clearly spelled out. If there is to be a significant variation from the estimated price, you should make this, and the nature of the possible variation, very clear to your customer. You must make estimates honestly and base them on reasonable grounds.

3. Misleading consumers about their rights is illegal

You must not mislead your customers about their contractual or legal rights. For example, if an insurance company advises a customer “you’re only entitled to a second-hand hot water cylinder” in a situation where the customer’s insurance policy entitles them to a new hot water cylinder, this would likely be misleading under the Act.

4. Unfair contract terms

If you offer standard form consumer contracts to your customers, terms in that contract must be fair. Standard form consumer contracts are typically contracts with standard terms and conditions that are offered on a “take it or leave it basis” where the consumer does not have an opportunity to effectively negotiate the terms and conditions in the contract.

The laws about unfair contract terms apply to any standard form consumer contracts entered into on or after 17 March 2015 and to terms in existing contracts that are renewed or changed on or after 17 March 2015.

5. Keep up to date with important changes to the Fair Trading Act

There have been some important changes to the Act that you should know about including additional rights for consumers and obligations for businesses, as well as investigation and enforcement tools for the Commission.

Law school Questions and Answers

A never married dad wants at least joint custody of 3year old daughter in michigan and can not afford a lawyer

mother is uncooperative and caddy. father makes $30000 per year and can’t afford lawyer, she will not give joint custody willingly, what can father do? Contact a local law school and ask them for the phone number of.

Do female lawyers face discrimination in the workplace/school?
According to the Princeton Review, as well as several other reputable sources, women can be treated poorly by their male classmates in law school. In fact, the PR includes a list of ‘women-friendly’ universities because this sexism is so widespread. Also, I have read that often women often are passed over.

Do judges need to be attorneys?
Do appointed court judges need to be attorneys A college degree and work experience is the minimum requirement to be a judge. Most judges have worked as lawyers. In fact, Federal and State judges usually must have worked as lawyers. That means that they need to go to law school. Law school usually.

Do Law Students help out in court?
and if so, what do they do? There are law school ‘clinical programs’ in which 2d and 3d year students get to represent low-income people in court, under a lawyer’s supervision. There are other programs where the students work as interns in law firms, and get to do some of the research.

What are the education requirements for lawyers?
*sigh* this is for a project im doing generally, 4 years high school 4 years college three years law school pass the bar exam in the state you want to practice in. – 1 – Graduate high school 2 – Graduate college 3 – Graduate law school And, if they want to.

What are the steps to being a Real Estate lawyer or attorney?
It’s not so difficult. First you complete your B.A. or B.S. Then you go to law school. It helps if you take some courses in law school that focus on real estate, for example: Real Estate Transactions, Land Use, Real Estate Litigation. Do your best in.

What do I need to do to be a Pennsylvania lawyer? And how long will it take?
You need to go to college (4to5 years.) You need to go to law school (3 years) You then need to study for and take the Penn Bar Exam. This can take 3 months to forever Shortest amount of time would.

What type of career options are available for lawyers specializing in international law?
Also, what is the average salary. Is it an in demand field? Please include any other information you can give me about this type of law. I am about to attend law school next year. I am thinking about specializing in corporate law or international law..

Whats involved to become a lawyer?
Just wondering about possible future careers and would like to know what you need to do to become a lawyer, how many years at university and what you do when you become one? You must take a first degree, then apply to law school. It doesn’t matter what you major in for your.

What’s the difference between a JD (juris doctor) and an LLM (‘?’)?
Can I take the bar exam with either? Chances for gainful employment better with one or the other? Which is harder to earn? You receive a JD after successfully completing and graduating from an ABA accredited law school. It takes 3 years day or 4 year evening.

Which Law School?
Which Law School? I have the option to attend Albany Law (no scholarship costs $35k a year, but is a Tier 3 law school), Western New England Law (Scholarship money will make my out of pocket cost $15k a year but it is a Tier 4 law school located in Springfield Mass) or New England Law.

do you think my hopes and dreams will come true for me being a layer?
i wanna go to law school when i grow up I always say ‘If you can dream it, you can be it.’ You can be anything that you want to be. With enough hard work and dedication, you can do anything. Keep a positive.

Would law schools be more lenient on GPA if I major in Chemical Engineering and aspire to be a patent lawyer?
I’m a second-year ChemE major student at UC Berkeley. I want to go to law school and practice patent law, but my GPA is a little less than a 3.0. Do I have a chance? I think you.

Any recommendations for a good LSAT book?
I’m planning on taking the LSATs and pursuing law school but there are so many LSAT books out there, I don’t know which one to pick. Any really effective LSAT practice books that you guys recommend? The best study guides I found were the Powerscore Bibles (I took the course as well,.

Become a lawyer?
I’m interested in the law, government and politics. I’m in college studying political science and I do very well and like my major a lot. I also like history. A lot of people tell me I’d make a great lawyer. I have doubts though. How do I decide to go to law school? Do lawyers have.

Does anyone know where i can get money to go to law school?
Typically, there is less federal assistance available for law school. There are very few grants available for the government, because they expect you to be able to make enough money to pay them back later. But you should be able to take out a combination.
Does it make sense to earn a second bachelor’s degree before going to law school?
I went to a small ‘no name’ liberal arts college and earned a BS in Computer Science. I earned a MBA online. I am now a math teacher in an inner city public high school. (The same one I went to) Go figure! I.

How does Skinner v. Oklahoma 1942 been used to expand the protections of the constitution?
or it could be Levy v. Louisiana 1968, Craig v. Boren 1976, and/or Lawrence v. Texas 2003. go to click on case brief bank click on constitutional law briefs then look up each case. I am in law school isn’t that hard.

How long do you have to got to school to be a lawyer?
3 years after undergrad if you go full time, 4 if you go part time. – 2 more years after college – Four years of college, two years of law school. – 7 years, but many schools will give life experience credit for a history.

How many credits do you need to be a lawyer.?
I’m not sure what you mean by credits. To be a lawyer, you must have an undergraduate degree and then attend law school. Law school is usually 3 or 4 years (full v. part time). Each school has different required courses and credit requirements. After you graduate law.

How many years do you have to to school to be an Entertainment Lawyer?
An American Bar Association approved law school is generally 3 years long. To be admitted to such a school you’ll need an undergraduate degree (i.e. a BA) and to take the LSAT. After going to law school you’ll need to to take the bar.

How many years of college does it take to become a lawyer?
About 7 years all together when you figure 4 years of college and then 3 years of law school. You can talk to any attorney or go to the law library or any college and they will tell you everything you have to do to become.

How to be a lawyer in California?.a step by step walkthrough.?
Get good grades in high school and graduate. Take the SAT and get a good score. Go to college, get good grades and earn a BA or BS. Take the LSAT, and score high. Get accepted to a CA accredited law school. Graduate from law school with.

I need some info on common law, how can i get it done?
I would recommend going to a local law library (and local law school will have one) and using some of the treatises on law. Treatises give the generally accepted rules for the various issues in law and the notable exceptions to those rules. Additionally, they.

I want to find a law school in NYC and the price it will cost to go there can anyone help me thank you?
There are numerous law schools in New York City. There’s New York University, Columbia, Fordham Law School, Cardozo Law School (a school in Yeshiva University), and New York Law School (different from NYU). St..

If you want to work in govt. intelligence do you have to go to law school?
No. Usually an analyst has another particular skill such as foreign language experience and a specialty that makes them valuable. For me it was my background in mathematics that attracted their attention. – honestly now.when you think about it what does govt.

Fiance is Army officer, got ed. delay for grad. school. Is he considered ‘in the the Army’ while on delay?
Fiance and I are getting married while he’s on an educational delay for law school. He was a First Lieutenant prior to entering law school, and I’m trying to figure out the proper way to word our wedding invitation..

Has a registered sex offender EVER become successful AFTER.?
Has a registered sex offender ever shook off the chains of the scarlett letter and become a succesful and productive member of society? I am not talking about the ones who fail to register and skate by on anonymity or the people who become advocates. I am in law school.

Obtaining TWO Juris Doctor Degrees?
I recently obtained my J.D. degree. However, my grades were not that hot. However, I definitely feel in retrospect, if I were given the second chance to ‘redo’ law school, I’d be able to do much better. I was just wondering if I had the chance to pursue another J.D. degree, at another.

The stuff that happens to prosecutors on TV are fake, right?
Prosecutors getting framed, kidnapped, ambushed, murdered by the minions of the criminals they put away, that’s all TV right? Or does it really happen in real life? Because i’m thinking law school right now and being a prosecutor is my main career objective. I have known hundreds of.

There is no way i can get to harvord what is a good law school in NORTH CAROLINA?
I NEED TO KNOW QUIK Duke? UNC?(any campus) NC State? Appalachian State? – s – Duke – Duke – North carolina state ncs sorry this is my partners suggestion – Duke. One of our own presidents received his law degree from.

How to Write a Criminal Law Essay

Law students are often asked to write essays, either on assigned or chosen topics, or in response to specific questions. In addition, the bar exam for most states includes an essay section. Criminal law essay assignments are designed to ensure that students understand the laws of their state, and of the nation, and that they know how to use them in a criminal case.

Law students often write criminal law essays.


  1. Read the question or essay topic carefully. Criminal law topics are often complex and involve many angles and points of view. Make a list of all secondary questions posed within the main question, or all angles of approach to your topic. Determine whether you are being asked to provide an argument of defense, an argument of prosecution or simply an overview of existing law.
  2. Research all case law that applies to your topic. Expect to spend time in your local law library and on the Internet. Write down the name of the case, such as “Miranda v Arizona.” Also record the year and state in which the decision was rendered.
  3. Address each question separately and in order if you are responding to a multi-part question. Finish your answer for each section completely before beginning the next. If an answer relates to a previous question, you may refer back to your previous answer.
  4. Structure your essay as a law brief unless the professor instructs you to do otherwise. While most essays consist of sentences and paragraphs that transition naturally, law briefs are divided using outline style. General answers to each posited question should be marked with a Roman numeral. Denote supporting points with a capital letter and indent each section.
  5. Present possible arguments by opposing council if you are writing a position or argument essay. Posit the other sides’ likely response and how you can counter those responses.
  6. Summarize your position by highlighting the main points of your argument, as you would in a closing statement.

How to Book Train Travel from San Francisco to Sacramento

A great way to enjoy California’s scenery is to travel to your destination by train. The train ride from San Francisco to Sacramento takes only two hours, so spare yourself the traffic and make your reservation now.

Book Your Ticket in Advance to Sacramento

  1. Book your ticket at least several days before you plan to travel. The route to Sacramento is heavily traveled, so the earlier you reserve your ticket, the better.
  2. Take the BART to Oakland or Emeryville. There are no Amtrak train stations in San Francisco, so if you can, using BART will save time and money.
  3. Take advantage of the California Rail Pass. If you plan to travel to multiple destinations within the state, you can purchase a California Rail Pass, which gives you unlimited travel on all California Amtrak trains and motor coaches.
  4. Call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL or visit Amtrak’s web site in the “Resources” section below. On the web site, you can book your train reservations via Amtrak’s Fare Finder. You can also navigate the site if you have a PDA, Blackberry or other handheld device.
  5. Select the departing train station. The train station in Emeryville is the closest Amtrak station to San Francisco; you can easily catch connecting buses to San Francisco.
  6. Select a station to get to the train station. The Bay Area Rapid Transit, better known as BART, offers 43 stops in the San Francisco bay area. You can easily catch a BART train to the Amtrak station.
  7. If you ordered your tickets online or by phone, pick them up at a ticket agent or at one of the Quik-Trak kiosks that can be found at many Amtrak locations (you’ll need to enter your reservation number). If you’ve booked your trip far in advance, you can also request that your tickets be mailed to you.

About Travel Agents in Europe

With tourism being big business in Europe, travel agencies take advantage of the demand by billions of travelers. A reliable travel agent can help tourists or business travelers plan their trips for maximum enjoyment and minimum hassle.


  • Europe’s travel industry is the world’s largest regional tourism industry. Its success is primarily attributed to the strong army of travel agencies, tour operations and national tourism agencies. Separate these professionals, however, from the online support provided by Internet travel companies geared toward net-savvy people. It is helpful to know how to benefit from the services of a travel agent in Europe to ensure getting around is a breeze.


  • Due to Europe’s daunting size, travelers need help in making their trip as smooth and worry-free as possible. Travel agents in Europe assist tourists in their vacation plans in the whole continent–from visas to itinerary, from hotel bookings to transport arrangements. These travel agencies are part of organizations like the European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA) or the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) and work closely with national tourism agencies in each country.
    Online travel occupies a market of its own. There are Internet-based companies through which travelers can book hotels, transfers and tours. At the end of 2008, online bookings earned 29 percent of the total revenue of the European travel industry.


  • Tourism accounts for a big chunk of Europe’s income. In 2005, almost £280 billion in revenue was reported to the EU. The top destinations in the world for the last few years can be found in Europe, namely France, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria.


  • Using the services of travel agents brings a world of convenience to anyone wishing to take on Europe’s enormity. First-time visitors to the continent can benefit from a travel agent in order to prevent costly mishaps. Repeat tourists, on the other hand, look to travel agents for an even better experience over their last visit. Aside from their inherent travel expertise, agents can advise quick solutions should problems during during travel.


  • Travel in Europe has become more accessible ever since the Schengen Agreement. Travel agents offering tour packages in Europe mainly rely on the Schengen Visa, which makes entering the 24 member countries easier using one travel document. This handy system has helped Europe tourism considerably. For one, there is a continued interest in other modes of public transport like train and bus.

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

10. When You’re Breaking Copyright Law

Just by doing typical online activities, you’re probably breaking copyright law. If you use a copyrighted song in a home video uploaded to YouTube, for example, or create a gif (or other derivative work) to start a meme, you’re infringing on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However, some copyright infringements are more tolerated than others—and copyright law is complex—so a quick test if you still want to share online without legal recourse might be to ask yourself if what you’re doing “feels wrong” to you.

9. What You Can and Can’t Do While Driving

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

You know you shouldn’t use your cell phone while driving, but states have different bans, on the kinds of cell phone use that are illegal while driving: Most ban texting while driving, but some don’t allow any use of your phone when you’re at the wheel. Know what’s allowed in your state and the penalties for texting while driving (but, seriously, just don’t do it). In a similar vein, is it illegal to wear headphones when you’re driving? In some states, it is. Many states have strange driving laws, like traffic violations if you leave your car door open “longer than is deemed necessary.”

8. Taking and Sharing Photographs or Videos

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

We have a right to take photographs and videos in public, right? Since, after all, this is First Amendment stuff. There are times when you can get into trouble, though, like if you’re publishing photos that disclose private information about others. How you publish photos and videos also matters. This Creative Commons licensing chart could help if you’re not sure whether you’re allowed to use others’ works in your own.

7. Your Rights When Dealing with the Police

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About1

No one wants to get arrested. When you’re dealing with cops, know your rights, such as refusing a search, your Miranda rights, and how to exercise your rights safely. In addition to this know your rights infographic, these ex-cop’s tips and these wallet cards could help you stay out of jail.

6. Your Rights as a Renter

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

Your landlord doesn’t hold all the cards. Even difficult landlords have to abide by state regulations to make sure you’re getting fair housing in exchange for your rent. If you rent, read up on your state laws, such as how your security deposits must be kept and whether you should expect interest on that deposit.

5. Your Rights When You Fly on a Plane

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

There are quite a few rights you have as an air traveler that you might not be aware of, such as locking in your fare in advance and reimbursement you’re entitled to for lost luggage or bumped flights. Know what to do if your flight gets canceled (spoiler: get on the phone). The jury’s still out on that reclining seat vs. Knee Defender kerfuffle, though.

4. Your Rights as an Employee

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

It’s possible, depending on your type of position, that you are owed overtime pay, whether your employer likes it or not. Similarly, even if your employer doesn’t want you to discuss your salary with your co-workers, they can’t legally prevent you from doing so. These are some of the less-known workplace rights your HR department might not be telling you. (Head to your state’s department of labor site for things like Workers’ Comp and laws on taking breaks, etc.)

3. The Legal Documents You Should Have Prepared Before You Kick the Bucket

Having a will and all of your important papers organized will give you peace of mind and reduce stress for your loved ones if you suddenly died or were seriously ill. In addition to medical directives, you should also have your property information, bank and insurance info, and other documents shared with your loved ones. Here’s our master information spreadsheet template for setting this up, the Wall Street Journal’s list of 25 documents to gather, and previously mentioned Everplans, which walks you through estate planning.

2. How to Make Sense of Legal Documents

Everything from opening a bank account to getting a new job requires us to sign long and often confusing legal forms. You’ll still have to read through them all, but there are ways to quickly make better sense of them.

One type of agreement we probably all just skip through? Those Terms of Service and privacy policies on every service or piece of software. You can quickly read through those as well. Even if breaking a Terms of Service might not necessarily be a crime, it’s still a good idea to know what you’re agreeing to.

Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About

1. When You Need a Lawyer (and How to Talk to One)

A good lawyer may be your best friend in difficult legal situations, like when you’re trying to start your own business based on proprietary information, are getting a divorce, or have been charged with a crime. Even just signing or creating freelancing agreements can be tricky (which is why services like LegalSifter come in handy). Here’s how to find a good lawyer and work with him or her.

Reason For Large Collection Of Escort Girls In Escort Amsterdam

There is large number of collections of girls in escort agency and it is the only business which is always in demand in world market. There are many ideas to select best escort agency around the globe. Before getting into any type of agency, it would be better to follow some of the instructions available in internet on selecting girl and agency from internet. This is because that some of the people will leave a note on their own profile about experience of various agencies around the globe. Such note will be helpful for people to make necessary decision over it.

There is more number of girls available in different structure in Escort Amsterdam. It has been observed that more number of international people has been attracted with the beauty and structure of the native people. All the agencies are able to provide girls with best service around the globe. We will be fin ding good time with them over a night in our own place which would be added advantage for us. However, they are able to accommodate to any place and provide same kind of services as provided to others as well.

The girls in such escort agencies are well trained to provide needed service to their customer at the right time. Most of the customers are approaching escort or independent call girl to get rid of personal or official life to an extent. They are finding that would be a better place to satisfy their needs and also to make their mind fresh at all times.

Need Of Escort Agency For Customers

They are ready to satisfy personal wishes, dreams, and desires of the customer with better quality of service. Most of the girls are able to talk in different languages like English, Spanish, and Italian. This would make customer to feel better and it has been observed that most of international customers are preferred to talk with the girl in English only. We are also provided with an option to select the desired girl based on language preference. The babes of the escort agency will be in exceptional looks, training, styles and their behavior. The gallery option in the website will be helpful in browsing desired girls and structure.

They will recruit girls to the agency with some of the reasonable note and basic information for it. With more number of models in the agency, this would be a perfect option to find perfect girl out of it. Some of the agency will look pride in providing service to the customer. Each agency will be following different set of rules and regulations to make a desired choice for their customer. They will be providing service under safe sex and they understand that it would be better option for both customer and their girls as well. In Netherlands, we will be finding girls who are able to satisfy pleasure of the customer to a peak level and most of the agencies will be locating in mysterious place for better enjoyment for their customers.

Earliest Contacts and the Paradigms of Relationship

“O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other.”

(The Quran 49:13).

It is hard for anyone to deny that Islam has captured more headlines, column inches and air time over that past 4 years than ever before. A combination of political events, acts of inhumanity and social problems involving Muslims have seen a global shift towards anti-Islamic or Islamaphobic sentiments. One only has to think of events such as the World Trade Centre attack, bombings in Spain, London, Iraq, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Egypt, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and riots on the streets of France and Australia to appreciate how these sentiments have evolved.

As a result, the view of Muslims as a whole has darkened. Many countries are now questioning the identity and loyalty of their Muslim citizens whilst stereotypes and general opinions of ‘Islamic’ nations and their populations are fuelled by media stereotypes. Muslims living in Europe and North America are feeling alienated and misunderstood whilst those in the Muslim world are suffering due to the actions of a misguided minority within their ranks.

It would be fair to generalise that the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ seem to have become more polarized of late. The future does not look very bright. Yet, the Islamaphobic backlash, although unfortunate, is providing one community with a challenge that if met will both demonstrate its lofty intentions and raise their profile as essential voices within future world discourse. This community is that of the interculturalists.

Recent events have recalled in many people’s minds the theory penned by Samuel Huntingdon in the early 1990’s predicting that in the future there would be a “clash of civilisations.” This theory suggested that post-Cold War global divides would occur between civilisations and that there would inevitably be a clash as one tries to get the upper hand over the other. In it he states that, “a central focus of conflict for the immediate future will be between the West and several Islamic- Confucian states.”

For many the West vs. Islam element of his hypothesis seems to be coming true. However, the theory has been cited here for one reason only – to demonstrate how Western-Muslim relations could develop if the correct action is not taken soon. What we are witnessing is not a clash of civilisations. The political aspects of recent events have been presented in such a way to people that it forces them into an “either you are with us against us” mentality. The polarisation of peoples has increased the mistrust and suspicion of ‘the other’, the unknown. It is the simple fact that if the unknown element of the equation were to be removed, there is a fair chance the reverse effect could ensue. Simply stated, if the West is educated about what Islam really is and vice-versa, it would not be so easy to polarize populations.

At present what we are dealing with can be described as a “Clash of Cultures” and as all good intercultural academics and trainers know, cultures can be reconciled.


Those in the intercultural field stand in a privileged position of having the insight, understanding and knowledge to look at human interaction and decipher what is going wrong in terms of communication, behaviours and assumptions. The cultural clash we see today is simply an extension of this and can be overcome using the same principles. The most prominent principle, and therefore the one that shall be solely focused on, is that of ‘awareness of others’.

As a Muslim and an Englishman I constantly see bigotry from both sides of the imaginary line that are founded on ignorance. One side receives their information from British tabloids, the other from an arms length experience of the society they live in. One is fixated on the covering of women’s hair as a sign of male oppression while the other tuts at a set of loose morals. One believes the other’s mission in life is to wage war in order to reach paradise while the other is perplexed by the fact that paradise is not even on the agenda. Of course in truth none of these assumptions reflect reality.

If we are to move towards a greater understanding of one another, awareness is crucial. People need to be educated as to what is truth and what is stereotypical nonsense. Once people move beyond this basic level of knowledge there is more room to discover similarities, shared points of view and common goals of which there are plenty. Although it is true that each side may look to the other with distaste, they do also occasionally look with respect and wonder.  Muslims’ strong sense of community, spirituality and hospitality are oft cited qualities of virtue. Similarly Muslims worldwide regularly praise the West’s technological achievements, respect for equality before the law and queuing (yes queuing!). In addition, both sides also share similar principles, ideas, wants and aspirations.

And herein lies the optimism that the future is promising for Western-Islamic relations – we have more in common than we do differences. The reason for this goes back to the verse of the Quran quoted at the beginning of this article. It clearly states that man was created from the same pair (Adam and Eve), meaning mankind is ultimately one in terms of their make-up, traits, needs and desires. Yet in the same sentence it also explains that there are differences.

Few in the intercultural field would have realised that the quintessence of their training, education and research was captured in a Quranic verse some 1400 years ago. The verse tells us that we were created with differences (nations and tribes) in order for man to gain a better understanding of himself, i.e. to realise the essence of humanity.  How do we understand heat without cold or happiness without sadness? What is day without night or peace without war? We come to know the world around us through comparisons. Our fellow human beings act as mirrors. Through looking at that cross cultural reflection we appreciate who we are, what we value and how we act and most importantly the common threads that stitch the quilt of human experience together.

The intercultural field stands in an ideal position to spearhead initiatives and effective interventions. Within the current Western-Islamic state of affairs there is enormous potential to challenge the strangling discourse that is suffocating real cross cultural dialogue. The intercultural voice, which on the whole is one of understanding, tolerance and flexibility, must rise above the babble that we constantly hear. At the end of the day those with positions within the field, the reason they do what they do, is to help people understand one another whether at work or in the community. As professionals there is a responsibility to apply research and work into making a real difference to the evolution of global relations.

As stated at the beginning of this article, Western-Islamic relations pose the intercultural field with a challenge that must be overcome collectively. The initial rung up the ladder in order to achieving this is to educate people beyond stereotypes and misunderstandings. If this is successful the process of finding common ground and appreciating why we differ on certain issues will manifest naturally.The question now is how the field responds. How is research applied? What plans can it implement? Who can it collaborate with? Who is available from both the Islamic and Western mind-sets with a real appreciation and understanding of the other? How does it demonstrate its worth on the global stage? Experience of the field mixed with an eternal optimism leads me to believe that interculturalists will exceed expectations and demonstrate the invaluable nature of their endeavours.

Relationship Problems Due To Family, Anxiety, Money

The family members can work together to catch much the same goal or they might create an indigestive setting that eats the peace and happiness of the family. Regardless of appreciate between you plus your Soulmate, the distraction may reveal because of miscommunication or another thing. The usual marriage problems occur inside a family because of interference of other family. It does not imply they always interfere in your personal matter. They may do sometimes every time they think you are going on wrong approach. Whether they are executing it without any sound reason, it indicates they may be doing it purposely.


Relationship Problems Due To Family


It is any well-known thought that no any parent will accept at first time a fresh boyfriend or girlfriend of his / her respective daughter or perhaps son. Possibly, there will be a difference within the thinking of the parents. However, a lot of them will deny by using it. Unfortunately, on several occasions your household will put his or her views about your relationship and may break a marriage gradually. However, it’s not wrong to look at the children. It is his or her right and nature being protective to the little one, but sometimes that they show unwanted possessive character, which seems bad. This kind of relationship problems may be solved with communication within the hope of positive results.

Relationship problems can easily high their head because of money problems. The buck’s problem can ruin the head of your personalized or professional lifetime. While we count a personal issue such because marriage life, in which the difference between the incomes can establish a storm within the life. The money problems could cause of stress, stress, and depression including mental disorders. Money has perfectly created the heaven about the earth, whereas it does not take father of various relationship problems. A final solution of money problem is usually to solve your financial problems with mutual acceptance. If on the list of parties, has disposition of investment or generating a purchase, then try to do it together whereby both of you would have the information of income and expenses. It will lead both of you towards saving habit.

Depression and anxiety will be the roughest states of mind that directly affect the nature, behavior, and thoughts of the mind. They can be cause of marriage issues.

Some of common relationship complications, which are the reason why of several psychological disorders, are down the page:

1. If your companion is rude to your account, then you sense sad and continue being depressed. Sometimes your companion shows arrogant nature closer, which cannot endure. At such moment, the situation may well affect you with anxiety.

2. At the moment, while you will need mental support you will ever have partner, and she or he is unavailable, then it can make you sense disowned and brings towards anxiety or perhaps depression.

3. Timely lovemaking could be the influential factor inside a relationship. If you are unable to satisfy your partner because of workload in office, or you are not getting the correct response for lovemaking, the state of situation forces you to definitely be affected with anxiety.

4. When you often demand pertaining to spending quality time together with your partner, but one is ignoring it constantly, resultant you may fit in depression.

It just is not good to hide your emotions that what you feel about the relationship. Let him or her be familiar with your perceptions and views. Instead of this, if you are still stuck with marriage problems, then move ahead in the lifetime and remove unwanted miseries.

Understanding Events

How to Find the Best Photographer for Your Wedding Your wedding day, no matter how great is the time that you have spent for the preparation, will pass away in just a snap of the finger. Documenting all of the precious moments that happen in your wedding is one way of ensuring all memories will be remembered even when several years pass by. Events like father-daughter dance, walking down the isle, best man’s toast, and so on and so forth are just worth capturing. At this juncture, you need to employ the services of a professional photographer. A professional photographer always knows when and how to take wedding pictures. Hiring the services of a good wedding photographer is never easy and may even cost you several bucks of dollars. Perhaps, one of those things that you have to always remember is the idea that not all costly photographers perform the best. Do not merely look on the rate of the person, rather consider looking at his actual portfolio. Photographers who have been referred to you by family, friend or colleague is also worth checking out. It can help you a lot to communicate to the candidate photographer. Bring to knowledge of the person the type of photos that you want to be taken. Most photography service providers follow a standard when taking pictures such as bride and mother, groom with groomsmen and so on and so forth. If there is a unique picture that you wish to be taken, then inform the photographer right there and then.
A 10-Point Plan for Services (Without Being Overwhelmed)
In connection with that, you also have to talk with the service provider if there are sets of pictures which you do not want to include in your own set. The moment he knows of what your preferences are, he can make advance preparations so that he can adhere to it during the actual date. Be sure to communicate with the photographer so when your special day comes, everything will go in a smooth and organized manner.
How I Became An Expert on Weddings
Price can also be an important consideration when seeking for a wedding photographer. A cheap rate does not always mean a cheap service. In the same way, a high-priced service does not mean that the service is of top-quality. When checking out the price, you have to compare it with the quantity and quality of service provided.

Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Resources

Motor Yacht Weddings- Arrive In Style For any couple, you will agree that the wedding is arguably the most important day for you. These weddings require that you are dedicated to the planning process. You therefore have to make sure that it turns out to be as beautiful and magical as you expected. The location you want for your wedding significantly influences the feel your wedding will have. This is the main reason as to why some couples decide to go for destination weddings. To make an unforgettable experience all through, hiring a motor yacht is a superb idea. As you plan your destination wedding, there are factors that if you keenly put into consideration that will ensure your wedding runs smoothly. One of the things to consider is the quality of service that yacht company offers. Ensure that the yacht you go for is keen to ensure and endeavors to give you the best waterfront wedding experience. Hence you need to find a motor yacht that offers you the chance to enjoy these features. You also need to consider your guests keenly as you choose your wedding guests. It is common to find couples stressed out trying to find a location that will be convenient for their guests as well as easy logistics. This is a good consideration to make; however, you are reminded that there is no room for regrets in weddings. Hence you are advised to do it in the location that you desire. You will there find that working with a small intimate group will be easier and more fun. A small group also means fewer logistics hence more manageable.
Understanding Events
Also, do a careful analysis of the location where the wedding is set to be at. You will need to know their laws pertaining to weddings, the weather, and availability of forex exchange. Due to the fact that some of the most beautiful destinations may be far away, you do not want any surprises. For example there are countries where if you want to get married you have to avail yourself to the registrar in person. You may be surprised to realize that there are countries that require a waiting period before you can be allowed to get married. Therefore, ensure you do your research.
A Brief History of Weddings
It is wise to personally inspect the yacht and to visit the venue before the wedding. Therefore as you decide on a yacht, use the internet to conduct research but ensure that you have physically inspected the boat beforehand. You should ensure that you have visited the wedding venue a few times as well.

Effective family relationships and functioning

“A family is who they say they are.” Wright and Leahey


Relationship problems in family is a serious stress among the members of that family. Relationship problems may exist in varying degrees between the husband and wife, parents and children or between the children. Family is the smallest representation of a community, nation and a culture. If the family is dysfunctional the end result will be a dysfunctional nation. When certain things are taken care of within a family these relationship problems can be avoided.

Stages of family development

The single young adult

This is a difficult stage because the young adults must decide what social standards from the family of origin will be preserved and what they will change for themselves to be incorporated in to a new family. Tasks of this stage include forming an identity separate from parents, establishing intimate peer relationships and advancing towards financial independence.

A new married couple

Marriage is a difficult transition because the each partner will have their own uniqueness and such a difference should be assembled together to form as a couple. The new couples must then renegotiate their relationships with their parents, siblings and peers. Tasks of this stage include establishing a new identity as a couple, realigning the relationships with members of the family and taking decisions about having children etc.

The family with young children

Adjustments in relationships should occur with the arrival of children. The entire family is affected and the realignment of relationship must occur. Tasks of this stage includes adjustments within the marital system to meet the responsibility associated with the parenthood while maintaining the integrity of the couple relationships, sharing the responsibility of child bearing equally and integrating the relationship with the other members of the family.

Family with adolescence

Both parents will be approaching the middle life while adolescence are undergoing biological, emotional and socio-cultural changes and all these factors demands the changes in family relationship patterns. Tasks of this stage includes redefining the level of dependence so that adolescence are provided with great autonomy while parents remain responsive towards the dependency needs of the adolescence. Problems related to middle age, work, couple relationships and aging parents also must be solved during this period.

The family launching grown children

This stage is characterised by intermittent entry and exit of family members. Children may leave home for further studies, work etc. while in-lows and children enter in to the family system. A great deal of relationship realignment is necessary at this time. Adult to adult relationship is important at this time and tasks associated with this stage include re-establishing the bond of the dynamic marital relationship, realigning the relationship to include the grandchildren and accepting the additional care taking responsibilities.

Family in later life

This stage begins with the retirement and last until the death of both spouses. Most adult in this stage still have a prominent part of the family system and many are able to offer support for their grown children. Tasks associated with this stage include accepting the physiologic changes associated the aging, changes in socio-economic status with the retirement, dealing with the death of the spouse and friends.

Major changes in family development


Divorce is a major change in the process of family development. Both the individuals must then go through the stages of grief and resolve effectively. Stages of family life cycle of divorce include deciding to divorce, planning the breakup of the system, separation and divorce. Tasks involve accepting one’s own part in the failure of marriage, working cooperatively on problems related to custody and visitation of the children and finances.

Divorce in a family with children is again a major issue in the development of the children. The custodial parent must then adjust to the functioning as a single leader as an ongoing family while working to build a new social network.


About three fourth of the people divorced will eventually remarry. Remarriage is also demands a major changes in family developmental process as well as in the individuals of the family.
The custodial parent has to find a spouse who can adjust with the children and the new spouse has to adjust with the new system and the children and the children has to accept the new step-mother and adjust with the new family system.

Elements of effective family functioning

1. Communication

Functional communication patterns are those in which verbal and non-verbal messages are clear, direct and honest. All family members should be encouraged to express honest feelings and opinions and all family members should have equal participation in decisions that affect the family system. Each member must be active listener to others in the family system

2. Self concept reinforcement

Functional families strive to reinforce and strengthen each members self concept, with the positive results being that family members feel loved and valued.

3. Family member’s expectations

Expectations of family members from others in the family must be realistic with an understanding of the abilities and limitations of others. Expectations must also be flexible, allowing interruptions and changes occur without conflicts. Each member must be valued individually and comparison with other member should be avoided.

4. Handling differences

It is unrealistic to think that every member of a family should share the same attitudes, values and believes. These factors are unique in every individual in a family. Family members should understand that it is acceptable to disagree and deal with differences in an open non attacking manner.

5. Family interaction patterns

Each family member should share a common interaction pattern in a family. The interaction pattern must be accepted as a rule in the family and the interaction patterns must be workable, constructive and with a view to help and support other members.

6. Family climate

Family climate represents the emotional atmosphere within a family. The climate of the family is composed of a blend of the feelings and experiences that are the result of family member’s verbal and non-verbal sharing and interacting. A positive family climate is founded on trust and is reflected on openness, appropriate humour and laughter, expression of caring and mutual respect.

Major factors causing dysfunctional families

1.Making assumptions: A family member assumes that others will understand what is in his/her mind and no need to talk to them about it. This lack of communication causes dysfunctional family. The family member also assume what the other person is thinking or feeling without clarifying it.

2.Belittling feelings: This involves ignoring the feelings of others when it is expressed. This discourages the other member to express feelings honestly.

3.Failing to listen: One does not listen to what the other individual is saying.

4.Communicating indirectly: For example, if a child want a toy from a shop and he is afraid to ask to his father. So he approaches his mother and she talk about this to her husband.

5.Double-bind communication: It conveys a ‘damned if I do and damned if I don’t do’ message.

6.Expressing denigrating remarks: It involves Negative criticism.

7.Withholding supportive messages

8.Taking over: The responsibility of one member is taken over by other and not allowing him to develop a sense of responsibility.

9.Ignoring individuality: One family member fails to accept that the other member is a unique individual that he has his own decisions and freedom.

10.Demanding proof of love.

11.Attacking: A difference in opinion can deteriorate into a direct personal attack manifested by blaming another person, bringing up the past and making destructive comparisons etc.


13.Surrendering: A person who is surrendering in the face of disagreement does so at the expense of denying his or her needs.

How to Cope With A Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship is a journey that you take with someone that you can’t imagine being without. While there may be millions of other potential loves in your local area, none compare to the one that is thousands of miles away. Be warned that a long distance relationship is not going to be easy. Anyone that has been brave enough to experience this emotional roller coaster will agree on one simple fact. These types of relationships are hard. There will be moments in which it feels like every bone in your body aches and longs for your significant other. Couples that are holding hands will make you yearn to feel his touch. You will feel this indescribable envy and sadness when happy couples walk by. If fate has thrown you into a long distance relationship, here are some helpful coping tips from someone who has been there.

How to Cope With a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Expectations. At the beginning of your long distance relationship, you must have a serious discussion on what you both expect. Rules and boundaries must be discussed. This will help to prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings. For example, will you be allowed to date other people? Is the relationship over if you cheat or will you work through it? Is he as committed as you are? Will one of you relocate? How often should you visit each other? These are important questions that the couple must know the answers to if their relationship is to succeed.
  2. Stay loyal and devoted to the relationship. Temptation is always there even in the best of relationship. The cute guy at work who showers you with compliments and attention can easily spell trouble for your long distance relationship. Even if there isn’t a chance that your boyfriend will know that you cheated, you will know. The guilt of betrayal will corrode and eventually destroy your relationship. Be truthful with yourself. Can you really be faithful to someone that is not in your physical presence? If you can’t honestly commit to faithfulness, you will save the two of you a lot of heartache down the road. Do not even begin a long distance relationship if you know deep down that you can’t be faithful to one another.
  3. Appreciate each other. Don’t take your relationship for granted. It is hard to find true love in this world as evident by the millions of dating sites on the web. We are all looking for someone to share our hopes and dreams with. We need someone to travel beside us on our life’s path. Count yourself lucky if you find someone that helps you to be optimistic even when it feels as if the world is crumbling at your feet.
  4. Take time for each other. There are moments in life when our lives are so busy that it’s hard to find time to breathe but its crucial that you find a sliver of time for your relationship. A few minutes can go a long way in maintaining a successful relationship.
  5. Keep a journal. This will save your sanity when you miss your girlfriend. Write down moments that you have shared together and things that make you smile. Even though she may not be with you in the physical sense, this journal is a reminder of how special your relationship is. It will reinforce the reason why you are with her and why you are willing to sacrifice so much.
  6. Accept that you will fight. Couples that are in a long distance relationship may fight more often. Emotions tend to run very high when you are unable to be with the one you love. Words can easily be misunderstood. Each disagreement should be viewed as an obstacle that you will overcome and will bring you closer together. Always find ways to resolve the issue that caused the fight. Don’t let it eat away at your relationship. It is better to deal with it and get past it.
  7. Say I love you. If your relationship is at a stage where these three important words have been exchanged, don’t forget to say them often. Share your feelings with each other.

Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship

Relationships can be hard and take work. But, they should not be that way all of the time. Love is not supposed to hurt. A healthy relationship includes feeling good when the other person is near and wanting to make the other person feel good. People in a healthy relationship nurture each other and bring out the best in each other. There are telltale signs a relationship is dysfunctional.

Love is not supposed to hurt.
Addictive and Obsessional BehaviorObsessive behavior in a relationship, such as repeatedly calling or focusing all your attention on the other person, is unhealthy. Feeling as if you cannot live without the other person is also not healthy. A person loses his self when he is behaving this way in a relationship. And, he will create what he fears the most; he will push the other person away.

A person can become addicted to the relationship.

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Constant UnhappinessLove is not supposed to hurt. Every day cannot be perfect, and everyone is not perfect. But, if a person is constantly unhappy, or unhappy more than she is happy in a relationship, it is dysfunctional. Relationships can be difficult, and there is no perfect relationship. But, people in a healthy relationship are happy in the relationship and enjoy being with the other person.

Constant unhappiness is a telltale sign of a dysfunctional relationship.

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Imbalance of PowerPeople are equal in a healthy relationship. If one person has more power in a relationship, the other person will lose himself and his self-esteem and his sense of self-worth will decline. It hurts when one person is more in love with the other and/or dependent on her. Two people can share the joy of a healthy relationship when they come together as two loving, independent people.

An imbalance of power is unhealthy.

How to Keep Intrigue & Mystery in Your Relationship

One of the main benefits of being in a committed, long-term relationship is developing a true sense of comfort together. In a strong relationship, the other person seems in many ways like your other half. However, if a couple gets too comfortable, at a certain point that could lead to a relationship that is more like that of a brother and sister. To avoid that possibility, learn how to maintain the romance through nurturing the mystery and intrigue in your relationship.


  1. Groom in privacy if you want to maintain your mystique and appeal to your partner. Keep the bathroom door completely shut when you do things such as shaving (whether of your face or your legs), waxing, plucking your eyebrows and applying deodorant. Let your grooming rituals stay a secret — and keep your partner wondering, as a result. If you can afford the luxury, keep a separate bathroom from your partner’s.
  2. Go out of your way to try to be as interesting a person as possible to keep your relationship feeling fresh and new. In a relationship, one of the goals is to continually grow in a positive way. Work on becoming a more interesting person for your significant other — and also for yourself. Educate yourself on topics of interest. Start a new hobby, whether you want to sew or collect rare rocks.
  3. Be romantic. It can be really easy to forget to appreciate the person you are with. Everyday living is stressful and it can be hard to find the time to go out of your way to be romantic and thoughtful. However, without romance, a relationship can quickly fall flat and lose all of its mystery and vitality. Keep your romantic connection alive by leaving your partner sweet love notes on his shoes so he sees them when he leaves for work in the mornings. Show your girlfriend that she means the world to you by surprising her with last-minute reservations to the most charming new restaurant downtown. Small, romantic gestures can go a long way in keeping a relationship intriguing and exciting.
  4. Have your own life. In order for a couple to have a bit of mystery, having separate social lives can be healthy and beneficial. A couple does not have to be together every hour of every day. Be a mystery to your partner by setting time to just be alone and also to socialize and meet with other people in your life, whether family members or close friends. If you are attached to your significant other all the time, it provides you with no time to even miss her. Keep the intrigue alive by occasionally going your own ways — and then coming back together later.

How to Find True Love in a Relationship

True love is not something you find every day. Some people will find only one other person with whom they experience true love. Others will find true love in several people during a lifetime. Many times it is not difficult to find the potential of love, it is difficult to figure out how to extract that love. Potential love mates are all over the globe. It is your job to recognize and harvest the love. Marriage should not be the ultimate goal. Although many people marry their true loves, it is not the final destination. True, unconditional love is the final destination. This guide will help you find true love in your relationship.


  1. Talk on the phone each night. The most important element of discovering true love is getting to know your potential mate. Talking on the phone at night is perfect because the only thing you can do while on the phone is talk. This is a time to share priceless life stories and aspirations. Typically, talking on the phone at night is best because people are most relaxed and have less distractions during the evening hours.
  2. Eat together often. Dating should be fun, but if you are trying to find true love, it should be more than fun. Eating meals together places you face to face with your significant other and encourages eye to eye contact. There is nothing more intimate than sharing a meal together. Going to movies is okay, just try to change things up a bit with an interactive date.
  3. Touch and hug while you spend time together. Public displays of affection don’t have to be embarrassing or inappropriate. A simple handhold , or hand on the arm works quite well. Human touch encourages bonding.
  4. Meet the parents of your significant other. If you want to take your relationship and potential love to the next level, you need to see where they came from. True love is only possible if you know exactly who you are falling in love with. Once you meet the individuals responsible for bringing up your boyfriend/girlfriend, you will know a great deal about who they are inside.
  5. Look through photo albums together. Talking is one of the easiest ways to make a love connection with another person. Looking through photo albums encourages conversation and storytelling. The best part is that you get a glimpse into a portion of their life you may not have seen.

How to Fix an Abusive Relationship
Abusive relationships are often difficult to fix due to underlying psychological issues in both partners. While the abuser may be coping with untreated mental illness, the abused partner may develop psychiatric problems of her own, including chronic anxiety and depression. If both partners are committed to fixing the relationship, with ongoing therapy and intervention services, it is possible to break the cycle of abuse.


  1. Ensure that all parties are safe from physical and emotional harm. Even if both partners want to fix the abusive relationship, it is important that neither person feels in danger. This may be mean seeking a restraining order or working with a domestic abuse shelter to find temporary housing while the abusive partner seeks mental health treatment.
  2. Work on individual problems before beginning to fix the relationship. Whether the problems are with mental illness, substance abuse or difficulties dealing with a past traumatic relationship, the abuser must confront his problems before he can begin to fix his relationship with his partner. Likewise, the partner who is being abused work with a psychologist to work on problems that may have arisen from her partner’s behavior. These issues may include problems with co-dependency, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder or alcoholism and drug abuse.
  3. Talk to a marriage or family counselor. After both partners feel as though they are feeling healthy individually, they should meet with a therapist as a couple to discuss their relationship dynamic and to come up with ideas that will help them avoid slipping back into patterns of abuse.
  4. Take time to communicate and understand what each partner needs from the relationship. When fixing an abusive relationship, is important for both partners to talk openly about what they expect from the relationship. It is equally crucial that both parties listen carefully to what the other person has to say.
  5. Continue to seek out professional services even when things are going well. Once a couple has been involved in an abusive situation, it is easy to fall back into those patters. Ongoing counseling, anger management classes and substance abuse treatment can help both partners monitor their own moods and address problems with the relationship before either party reverts to abusive or unproductive behaviors.